A Healthy Diet During Pregnancy Can Reduce Pregnancy Complications

A Healthy Diet During Pregnancy Can Reduce Pregnancy Complications

Following a healthy eating habit is a step towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It is important to eat healthy not just when carrying but at all the phases of your life. Of course, a healthy diet plays a vital role if pregnant or planning for pregnancy because this makes sure that the baby within the womb gets maximum essential nutrients.

A Healthy Diet During Pregnancy Can Reduce Pregnancy Complications

The diet followed shall include these 5 groups of food which are rich in dietary fibers and nutrients. They are vegetables & fruits; legumes; yogurt, milk, cereals; bread & cheese; poultry, meat, and fish. Apart from these food items, the next most essential part of the diet is ‘water’.

A Healthy Diet During Pregnancy Can Reduce Pregnancy Complications

The fluoride present in the water helps the baby to build strong enamel teeth. Women usually tend to feel hungrier than usual at this stage and the concept of ‘eating for two’ is not true even if you’re expecting triplets or twins.

So do not eat in quantity but concentrate more on eating quality. Because having two is not needed for the body and leads to overeating. Following a proper diet will eventually lead to cutting down the quantity of foods high in sugar and fats.

Also eating healthy does not mean you should not consume sugar or fat. The whole concept of healthy eating is based on the quantity of every food group you consume. For example, eating a plate of more proteins and adding some essential carbs will be a great choice if you are looking upon following a healthy diet.

Before following any diet, do consult a doctor to know what is and is not harmful to the baby because certain food items can cause harm to the womb. Utmost care needs to be taken to avoid gestational diabetes and follow whatever your doctors advise you instead of relying on information available on the internet.

Constipation and digestion can be rectified if you consume vegetables and fruits in ample amounts because they contain essential minerals, fiber, and vitamins. Make sure you consume maximum minerals from vegetables by lightly boiling them and fruits can be eaten fresh, juiced, or dried.

A study involved a questionnaire provided to around 1900 women at 2 to 3 months, 4 to 5 months, and 6-7 months of their pregnancy with detailed information on what they consumed three months prior.

The responses were marked on the indexes of healthy eating, Mediterranean diet, and the third index was dietary approaches for stopping hypertension.

All these diets included ample amount of vegetables, fruits, legumes & nuts, whole grains and limiting the consumption of processed and red meat. Following these diets from the start of the pregnancy until 14-27 weeks resulted in a reduced risk of high BP, gestational diabetes, and preeclampsia.

Women with a high healthy diet index had 32 percent lower risks of gestational diabetes than the ones with a lower healthy diet index. Women with higher dietary approaches in their 2-3 months of pregnancy and 4-5 months of pregnancy had a 19 percent lower risk for high BP disorders. And women with a Mediterranean diet saw a 50 percent lower risk of having a premature baby.

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