Adam Coy Inducted For Murder Of Unarmed Andre Hill


Former Columbus police officer, Adam Coy, was indicted by a grand jury in Ohio for the shooting death of Andre Hill. Andre Hill was a black man who was unarmed at that time. 

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced the verdict on Wednesday. At the time of arrest, Coy was charged with numerous accounts. One count of murder, another one for felonious assault, and two counts for neglecting duties. The announcement was made through a virtual press conference. 

Adam Coy Inducted For Murder Of Unarmed Andre Hill

Yost said that the police have the great responsibility to protect our communities. This task is becoming increasing difficult and even dangerous. But the fact that every individual is judged for and is also responsible for the actions taken by him or her, neither guilt nor virtue can be assumed by their association to any task. 

Adam Coy Inducted For Murder Of Unarmed Andre Hill

The attorney general mentioned that the grand jury of Ohio has found the truth. They agreed that Andre Hill should not be dead. He supported the indictment by saying that even the evidence are against Coy.

The Andre Hill case took a pace and was also supported by the Black Lives Matter campaign as the victim was a Black guy while the police officers involved in the incident are White. 

On December 22, former police officer Adam Coy along with one associate, responded to a unemergency call. They were reported about a parked SUV. The SUV was mentioned to run on and off for a period of time. 

When Adam Coy and the other officer reached the incident site, Hill was inside the garage. Moreover, he was an expected guest at the home. Just after 10 seconds of encounter with Hill, Coy fired several shots from his service weapon at Hill. 

The two, Officer Adam Coy and the other, didn’t bother to turn on the body cameras on them. The cameras were turned on only after the shooting incident. But the body cameras were installed with the “look back” features. The feature allowed the body cameras to record a video of about sixty seconds before these are actually turned on. The shooting of Hill by officer Coy got recorded on the camera. Though, there was no audio.

In the entire 60 seconds video, it is recorded that the two officers were getting out of their cruisers. They walked up to the driveway to the garage with the door open. Previously Hill was facing in opposite direction with his back to the officers. He turned around to take four precise steps towards the officers. He was holding a cell phone in his left hand while the right hand was not visible. His hands were raised.

At the very moment, Coy opened fire at Hill and the body cameras were turned on. He approached Hill after the fire. The audio recording is also available from this point.

Coy asked Hill to roll over because he was unable to see his right hand. Though he asked for a medic to come, he didn’t provide any initial help. He was seen handcuffing a harmless, almost dead person, after multiple shootings. 

Co was fired in January after the investigations that concluded that the action taken by him was not at all necessary. 

Mayor Andrew Ginther said in a written statement that the murder of Hill has led to an outrage in the community. He paid his condolences to the dead and his family. He said though the loss and pain suffered by the loved ones cannot be diminished, but with the indictment the justice has prevailed. He also thanked the grand jury for the decision. 

Coy’s bail hearing is on Thursday. 

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