Many Of The Americans Missed Cancer Screening Due To Pandemic

Many Of The Americans Missed Cancer Screening Due To Pandemic

Cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases in the United States, and many people are under regular screenings. There are many types of cancers like breast cancer, colon cancer, blood cancer, prostate cancer, etc., and some of them can be cured if identified at an early stage. 

Many Of The Americans Missed Cancer Screening Due To Pandemic

As per a new study, many Americans missed their cancer screening due to the ongoing pandemic. The researchers said that the early screening of three types of cancers, i.e., breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer, may be beneficial. They also said that around 9.4 million screenings of these three types of cancers were missed due to the ongoing pandemic.

Many Of The Americans Missed Cancer Screening Due To Pandemic

The screenings for cancer declined sharply in the UNITED STATES. According to the data published in a study by JAMA Oncology, there was a decline of around 90% in the screening of breast cancer in April 2020.

“As a physician, I was not surprised to see that screenings had reduced, but this study measures by how much,” said study author Dr. Ronald Chen, who is the associate director of health equity at the University of Kansas Cancer Center. “This study makes it very clear that this is a very large public health issue.”

The study says that if not taken proper actions, it can lead to a big public health issue in the future. Early screening is mandatory because the early detected cancer can be cured, and the person’s life could be saved. The probability of getting affected with cancer becomes very high for some Americans if the screening is not done on time.

The ongoing pandemic plays a key role in this situation; many of the people missed their screening due to fear of Covid-19, Imposed lockdowns, lack of financial aid, etc. “Unfortunately, due cancellations of appointments and cancer screenings, COVID-19 will indirectly cause an increase in cancer deaths; another negative consequence of COVID that has not yet received much public attention,” Chen said in a university news release. It’s crucial for the public and health care providers to understand the urgency of getting cancer screenings back on track, he emphasized.

As the linkage between COVID-19 and Cancer is not properly researched, many researchers are advising people to get routine screenings of cancer. It can become a very serious issue if the situation is the same and no actions are taken.

Many steps to prevent the issue from becoming a big public health hazard must be taken, like creating awareness of cancer screening among the public with the help of campaigns, TV, articles, etc. The hospitals should also take up responsibilities to contact the patients and convince them to get screened for cancer.

The study also found that the Telehealth visits were used by the public widely and for the first time in the pandemic. Telehealth was not only used widely, but it has also made a positive impact and helped the patients to conclude if they needed screening for cancer or not.

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