Another Covid 19 Surge

Another Covid 19 Surge

With various causal factors in play, the Covid 19 pandemic has continued to plague millions of people for over a year. With measures being taken such as mass vaccinations, a decline in the number of cases was seen. However, with factors such as variants of the Coronavirus that proved fatal on the rise, the number of cases has plateaued.

Another Covid 19 Surge

According to the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the situation “truly is avoidable”. Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the current director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has commented on the ongoing situation. Dr. Walensky stated, “We have seen cases and hospital admissions move from historic declines to stagnations, to increases. And we know from prior surges that if we don’t control things now, there is a real potential for the epidemic curve to soar again.”

Another Covid 19 Surge

Dr. Rochelle Walensky emphasized the need for vigilance and caution. She stated that on average the number of new cases a day was 57,000 which is a 7% increase from the number of new daily cases of last week. She said, “Please take this moment very seriously.”

Her plea has been taken up by several other medical professionals and experts. Experts have warned state leaders countless times to hold off on lifting the state-wide Covid 19 mandates and restrictions. Experts explained that more people have to be vaccinated before any safety precautions can be relaxed.

Moreover, there is a rise in deadly variants of the virus that have been linked with several cases and deaths. To make a bad situation worse, little regard has been given to following any of the proposed safety guidelines and precautions. Several state governors have lifted mask mandates and opened businesses. To top it off, during spring break many people traveled to sunny beaches and places congregating in areas with huge crowds. 

“I know people are tired. We’re just asking people to hang on a little while longer in terms of the masks and the mitigation strategies so that we can get the majority of people vaccinated” stated Dr. Walensky.  So far only a marginal number of the American population has been fully vaccinated, approximately 15.1%. This implies that there is still a long time before the country can achieve herd immunity as not enough people have been vaccinated in order to do so.

Cases related to the B.1.1.7 variant or the UK variant have been on the rise. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reported over 8,300 correlated to this variant. This number is known only due to the help of genetic sequencing. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has reportedly been monitoring variant-related cases very closely. 

Dr. Anthony Fauci stated in a briefing held on Friday that, “If you look from week to week, 1.1.7 becomes more of a percentage (of US cases) and as the percentage goes up, that’s a reflection that it can become dominant (in the country).” The Center for Disease Control and Prevention now believes that the B.1.1.7 variant is likely to be the dominant cause for cases by the end of March and beginning of April. This variant is highly contagious and could lead to more severe disease according to Fauci’s previous statements. 

Medical professionals have cautioned that if the spread of the virus is not controlled, it is more than likely that the virus could further mutate and more lethal variants could emerge. To prevent another surge in the Covid 19 cases experts insist that everyone must adhere to all safety precautions by wearing masks, practicing social distancing,  avoiding huge gatherings and washing hands regularly.  So far three vaccines are eligible to help curb the spread of the Coronavirus and its variants. They are the Pfizer vaccine, the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and the Moderna vaccine.

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