Your Blood Type Might Feeble Certain Health Conditions

Your Blood Type Might Feeble Certain Health Conditions

A recent study says some blood types might promote a risk of various health issues, a study suggests. According to the latest study published on the 27th of April in the eLifejournal, researchers find certain interconnection between disease and blood types. There are four main blood groups-(A, B, AB, and O), the type of blood group is identified by the genes that are inherited from parents.

Your Blood Type Might Feeble Certain Health Conditions

Each group can be either RhD negative or RhD positive, which means altogether there are eight blood groups. Your blood type is determined by antigens and antibodies present in the blood. Antibodies and antigens are proteins; antibodies are known for the body’s natural defenses, while antigens are the protein molecules present on the surface of red blood cells (RBC).

Your Blood Type Might Feeble Certain Health Conditions

Blood groups are explained under 2 categories; the ABO system and Rh (rhesus) system. ABO system has four main blood groups – A, B, AB, and O (determined by the presence of antigens and antibodies on RBC and plasma). RH system has RhD positive and RhD negative (determined by the presence of RhD antigen).

Blood type is known by blood group test, in which red blood cells are mixed with antibody solution – results in clump formation).  First author Torsten Dahlén, a doctoral student detailed there’s slight astonishing data that whether RhD positive and RhD negative blood type individuals are at risk of some diseases or how many more diseases can be affected by blood group or type.

To provide a lucid, researchers had found the connection between RhD state, blood groups, and over a thousand diseases. An individual with D antigen (protein) on their RBC(red blood cells) is RhD positive, and the absence of D antigen is RhD negative.

The analysis report for five million Sweden’s concluded 49 diseases are associated with blood types. One linked with RhD type. The ascertainment revealed that folks with blood group A were more bound to have clots in the blood, people with blood group O were ascertained to have bleeding disorders; a woman accompanied by blood type O were likely to promote pregnancy-induced hypertension(high BP).

The majority of the diseases that are associated with blood type are cancer, circulatory diseases, Cognitive Disorders, Infectious Diseases, Leukemia and Lymphoma,  Stomach Cancer,  Pancreatic Cancer, Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia Type I (MENS-1), Cancer of the Rectum/Colon, Metabolic Diseases,  Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Diabetes Mellitus,  Malaria.

Moreover, the researchers found a connection with a lower and conservative risk of stones in kidney and type B blood individuals & added that RhD-positive women are bound to increase pregnancy-induced high blood pressure. A, AB, and B blood types are at high risk than type Os.

AB-type people are at higher risk for memory-related problems; people with type A blood have high cortisol- that means harder to deal with stressful circumstances; experts say, Chances for longer life span, if an individual has type O blood, they think that lowered risk of cardiovascular disease might be the reason, but they are more bound to get malaria when a mosquito bites.

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