Cancer May Alter Your Heart Prior To Treatment

Cancer May Alter Your Heart Prior To Treatment

According to recent studies, researchers analyzed that people with cancer may alter their heart prior to treatment, a few classes of cancer can modify the function and anatomy of our heart. A rapid increase in growth in the number of cancer cases has been observed. According to NCI, in the United States, an estimation of 1.9 million of the population was meant to get diagnosed. 

Cancer May Alter Your Heart Prior To Treatment

As per researches, the cardiovascular problem has a link with cancer patients and their history. For instance, if a person was diagnosed with lung cancer in past, then they will likely die with a heart condition than cancer.

Cancer May Alter Your Heart Prior To Treatment

This fact is raising the question of, how much risk will the cancer history put on a patient’s life from the treatment they opt for. The comparative study including 381 people having lymphoma or breast cancer and another group of 102 volunteers without any history or traces of cardiovascular disease were taken under observation.

The very first step was to monitor both the group of people and make them undergo MRI scans (cardiac). This would help them to achieve 3D heart beating models and a graph or map showing inflammation in heart muscle. The final result allowed observers to understand and observe the function and anatomy of the heart.

The results were shocking, people who were diagnosed with cancer were observed to have a shrunk left ventricle. This part of the heart is responsible to supply oxygen (fortified) blood throughout the body. The scanned reports showed strain and inflammation in the cancer patient’s heart. These findings were published on Wednesday edition in the American Heart Association (AHA).

Dr. James A. White, director and senior author of the SCIC of the Libin Cardiovascular Institute said, “We have provided evidence that cancer itself does change the health of heart muscle,” Surprisingly, he is also a professor at the UCA in Canada. Dr. James stated that the research has been focusing to get a better understanding on chemotherapy effect on cancer patient’s cardiovascular system.

As per the research till now, it is understood, on one hand, chemotherapy work by rapid growing cells of cancer, but at the same time, they damage healthy cells of the heart. Chemo drug used for treating patients with lymphoma and breast cancer has shown side effects like heart failure, shrinking of the left ventricle (resulting in dysfunction) and inflammation.

One such drug is anthracyclines. Other radiation therapy and few classes of cancer drugs can alter the heart condition.

The fact to look over was to know how long would the heart suffer from changes after chemotherapy? This question was rose by Dr. Tochukwu M. Okwuosa (director of cardio-oncology services at RUMC in Chicago). He was never involved in the above research. He added that “Once we treat cancer, will they go away? If so, I wouldn’t expect any long-term consequences.”

The question that rise is if chemotherapy leads to cardiovascular conditions, then will there be a safer treatment of cancer patients in the coming days? The researchers are continuously trying to understand and analyze such cases and new treatment methods may emerge very soon.

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