Candle Lighting Ceremony To Honor The 500,000 Who Lost Their Lives To The Coronavirus

Candle Lighting Ceremony To Honor The 500,000 Who Lost Their Lives To The Coronavirus

The US government has followed a better and responsible approach after Joe Biden has taken charge. His claim was to help the nation by supplying 100 million vaccine doses within 100 days of his services for the country.

He has been working very hard to reach this goal and make the services available to more areas. Now he expects to get more than the current expectation and has introduced mobile testing facilities to help those people who are helpless and have been dealing with a worse situation.

Candle Lighting Ceremony To Honor The 500,000 Who Lost Their Lives To The Coronavirus

The U.S.  has hit the deck with a death toll crossing 500,000 since the pandemic was marked in the country.

The death toll is even more threatening when you realize that the virus has been evolving itself into a powerful one.

Even though a lot of Americans are getting vaccinated, there are counties that have stalled their services due to a disruptive weather condition. So the risk in such areas would only be higher as people have not yet received their first dose of the vaccine.

Candle Lighting Ceremony To Honor The 500,000 Who Lost Their Lives To The Coronavirus

More than 2.4 M people have succumbed to death worldwide with the US having the highest cases and death toll. To be precise, 500,002 people lost their lives in combat with the coronavirus since its first breakout in the country and this has been the exact number till yesterday.

The total death in the US is more than the population of Sacramento or Atlanta in California. If you compare the death cases that were recorded in world WAR II, the covid19 death toll is doubled. This was a release by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Reports claimed that US President Joe Biden will be marking the 500,000 lives lost because of the COVID-29 pandemic. To honor them,  a candle lighting ceremony along with a moment of silence will be held at the White House, accompanied by Jill Biden, the first lady. 

Kamala Harris, the vice president, and her husband would also be accompanying the president. Biden has been doing his best to help the residents with more vaccines and has been reducing the spread of the virus.

A forecast was predicted in January that the death toll of the nation will reach 508000  when the second week of February ends. This has not happened yet and the Biden government has worked very hard to keep things under control.

The US has the most number of infections and deaths globally, out of  2.4 million deaths, a total of 500,000 people have lost their lives in the country alone.

No other nation has recorded higher fatalities than the nation, even though India and Brazil are right below them. 28 million infected cases have been reported to date even though the infecting rates have lowered to less than 100,000 recently.

This has been a positive thing as the rate was above 100,000 for months. Experts say that precautions are still a necessity to slow down the spread of this infectious virus that mutates and can be vulnerable for all.

The only problem currently faced by the Biden Administration is sourcing vaccine doses and making vaccines available.

But the snowstorm has hit many bounties of the nation and transportation has been obstructed with heavy snow on the roads and the airport runways.

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