Many Cities In The U.S. Reopens fully Without Restrictions After Almost A Year

Many Cities In The U.S. Reopens fully Without Restrictions After Almost A Year

Even as the U.S. surpassed 600,000 COVID-19 deaths on Tuesday, reminding people of the pandemic’s enduring toll, the nation continues to take steps toward normalcy.

Many Cities In The U.S. Reopens fully Without Restrictions After Almost A Year

Massachusetts had been the first to reopen and lift all the covid restrictions at the end of May.  

Many Cities In The U.S. Reopens fully Without Restrictions After Almost A Year

California joined in the fun when its Governor Gavin Newsom announced it will lift all the restrictions in California by June 15. 97% of benefits-eligible faculty and staff and nearly 90% of students in the Syracuse campus in New York are fully vaccinated. 

New York state has lifted the last of Covid restrictions on Tuesday after Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that 70% of all adults have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccination.

This is in tune with the President’s earlier goal of vaccinating 70% of adults with one dose at least before the 4th of July. 

However, only Vaccinated people can enjoy these benefits. The danger still exists, as seen from the death toll, and hence vaccination is important. New rules have been implemented to ensure there is no sudden increase in cases and other untoward actions. 

Masks are optional for vaccinated people, but the unvaccinated individuals have been asked to continue masks in public places like parks, stores, gyms, restaurants, movie theaters, and more until they get their shots. 

This rule follows the Center for Disease Control and Prevention CDC advisory that cautions non immunized individuals to follow strict rules until they get vaccinated.

Some businesses dealing with customers can mandate masks even though the state has relaxed the necessity. Hence people are asked to keep their masks handy in emergencies. 

Cal/OSHA is the governing body in California to decide workplace etiquette, and they have decided that the workers in restaurants and other businesses will continue wearing masks while working for their and others’ safety. However, the body will meet on Thursday to make a decision as to whether this rule was to be continued or not. 

The workers in public places have the burden to ensure people are immunized or not. Some verify the immunization status by checking their vaccination cards, whereas some still follow social distancing just to be safe. 

These rules are being deemed confusing by the citizens. Some believe there is not much difference between the restricted and reopened community. At the end of the day, masks are to be kept at all times as the rules are now business-centred rather than city-centered. 

Governor of Chicago JB Pritzker had reopened Chicago fully last week in Phase 5, which is a part of an initiative of Restore Illinois. However, masks were compulsory in public transportation, schools, and Health care settings. And as to encourage people to go out more and get vaccinated, Mayor Lori Lightfoot had announced that hundreds of $250 gift cards will be hidden around all 77 of Chicago’s neighborhoods, to encourage people to get back out to local businesses this summer. Lightfoot partnered with Raise Marketplace and World Business Chicago to give away the gift cards which can be used in restaurants and 4000 other shops. 

Nevada has also opened its doors to the world by removing all capacity limits and social distancing requirements. However, some Nevada Casinos have decided to remain closed at least until next year. This was mainly due to unstable economic conditions in Los Angeles, which depended on Tourists to run their businesses. 

Cities like DC, Maryland, and Virginia will follow the same easing and reopening of their cities following CDC advisory as the U.S. keeps its eye on the cases.

Vaccinations are still important, and all these new rules encourage people to get vaccinated so that the nation nudges towards a pandemic free world.

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