Is The New Coronavirus Being A Cause For Erectile Dysfunction?

Is The New Coronavirus Being A Cause For Erectile Dysfunction?

Digging deeper, the various health problems are associating with COVID-19. Everyone is aware of the connection between the vascular systems with the reproductive system. The blood vessels which carry blood to the vital organs are being affected by the virus. 

Is The New Coronavirus Being A Cause For Erectile Dysfunction?

To perform this study, researchers took the samples of penile tissue from the patients who are suffering from COVID-19, which were then examined under an Electronic microscope. This study revealed that this would cause impotence. Researchers have noticed that damage to the blood vessels of penises is higher for those who are suffered from COVID-19 when compared with the patients with erectile dysfunction, who are not affected by the virus (coronavirus).

Is The New Coronavirus Being A Cause For Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is mainly related to the circulation of blood and its pressure (i.e., blood pressure). The blood vessels are dramatically affected by the virus, those blood vessels supply blood to the penis, which prominently causes this erectile dysfunction (ED).

Blood vessels ultimately lose their ability to propagate adequate blood for the erection, to the penis. Some researchers stated that how the vital organs are affected in a similar way penis is also going to be affected, including testicular damage, which has an impact on fertility. It would be a permanent one.

This report is highly focused on the recovered patients of COVID-19, who are undergoing penile implant surgery for the erectile dysfunction problem. This study is done for two patients, one was severely affected by COVID-19, he was hospitalized for two weeks before the recovery, and he is free from other chronic problems. While the other one is mildly affected by COVID-19, he has suffered a condition called atherosclerosis where the blood is coagulated in the arteries and that leads to hypertension

These two men having some infection in there, and having proof of functional atherosclerosis commonly said to be dysfunction, it is a type of coronary artery disease, where the blood vessels fail to propagate sufficient blood to the body.

This study is also performed on two different persons who are free from the COVID-19, there is no proof for the damage of smaller vessels in their penises. In the upcoming months, it will be clear that how this situation is going to affect the persons who are recovered from COVID-19, having erectile dysfunction as their complication.

This SARS-CoV-2 virus affects the blood vessels and being a cause for inflammation as well as damage to the vascular system. Ongoing and upcoming researches will provide you clear report about this situation and also makes sense for this survey. This study is done to the small group people but later this research is going to examine in bulk.  

We can emphasize this as a prolonged effect, we should better not think this will be a normal and temporary effect. Vaccination will be helpful for the men to avoid these complications, also to avoid COVID-19. There is no conclusion that erectile dysfunction may be caused by COVID-19 in all the patients. But it is confirmed that, as per the study, the tested patients or recovered people are having this problem. 

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