COVID-19 Death Rate Decreases In The U.S…

COVID-19 Death Rate Decreases In The U.S…

A recent study shows that there is a decline in the death rate due to COVID-19 infections in the United States. The last week’s death rate, on average, has been the lowest in the past seven months.

COVID-19 Death Rate Decreases In The U.S…

Johns Hopkins University reported 684 deaths on Wednesday. This shows an 80% decline since January, as reported by CNN. The graph from the starting of 2021 shows a downward trend, and 7-day average deaths have declined. Experts believe that this was possible because of the fast vaccination procedure in the country.

COVID-19 Death Rate Decreases In The U.S…

A senior scholar, Dr. AmeshAdalja, working with Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, Baltimore, reported to CNN that rapid COVID-19 vaccination is decreasing the death rates amongst people of vulnerable groups in the nation, special mention of the older citizens.

Adalja also gave an example of populations where vaccination rates were higher, like nursing home inhabitants. Deaths in nursing homes have dropped drastically. It is more evident from this that higher-risk patients who have been vaccinated got prevented from death.

Yet many Americans are due for vaccination and experts highly urge them to get vaccinated. CNN reported that most of the young people who think they have no fear of the virus deny getting vaccinated.

Although all who are of age 16 or more have the eligibility to get vaccinated, it was found through a recent poll at Quinnipiac University that 36% of adults below 35 are not planning to get vaccinated, CNN informed. Recently, as reported by Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention director, there has been an increase in severe cases of COVID-19 infections and, therefore, hospitalizations. Amongst these cases, the major numbers of infected people were younger adults who were not vaccinated, as reported by CNN. This should warn young people to get the shots to protect themselves from the detrimental results of COVID-19.

Director of National Institutes of Health, Dr. Franics Collins, who was present in the hearing at a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee on Wednesday, said that the most fundamental method to be protected from long COVID is by blocking contact with the COVID virus.

Dr. Collins also said that the younger generation who thinks they are safe from severe infections are at higher risk of suffering from hazardous health conditions in the long term. Therefore, everyone of 16 and above age should be encouraged to get vaccinated as soon as possible.

Even after so much encouragement and push to get vaccinations, it has been observed by state and local leaders that the demand for vaccines has diminished.

A novel survey reflects that more than 100 colleges have set their guidelines for the students to get vaccinated provided they want to attend their college campus during the fall season physically.

There are still many campuses where the infection is spreading widely, although the students are eligible for vaccination. Recently the Salve Regina University in Rhode Island had to cancel all their events for a week when more than 30 of their students were found infected by COVID-19 in only seven days, reported by the Times. Classes were also suspended until early April in Wayne State University, Detroit.

According to the data of the government, almost five million-plus Americans are yet to receive the second dose of the vaccine.

Millions of citizens are worried about getting both the dozes. Therefore local health agencies and authorities are doing their best to help people to get their 1st as well as the 2nd shot.

The Times reported that when both the dozes are compared with a single shot, it shows that taking only the 1st shot initiates weaker immunity that might make some people more prone to contacting threatening virus mutants. Although a single dose provides some protection to fight the virus, it is not known that how long this protection will last.

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