There Might Be Chances That The Covid-19 Vaccination And Heart Muscle Inflammation Are Linked

There Might Be Chances That The Covid-19 Vaccination And Heart Muscle Inflammation Are Linked

The coronavirus outbreak which started in 2019 has been spreading across the world. This outbreak has caused damages to a lot of people all over the world and also caused deaths in the world. This outbreak of infection has dropped the world’s economy and so many people have lost their lives and jobs and friend and families.

There Might Be Chances That The Covid-19 Vaccination And Heart Muscle Inflammation Are Linked

Even though the countries have been taking all the safety measures, imposing restrictions and lockdowns, and giving out vaccinations it has been difficult in controlling the spread of infections. In the middle of this, because of the extreme increase in the infections, it has allowed the virus to spread and multiply and form different variants that have caused even more damages to the world.

There Might Be Chances That The Covid-19 Vaccination And Heart Muscle Inflammation Are Linked

On top of this, the United States of America has been at the top of the list with the highest number of coronavirus infections in the world. As per the news reports, the total number of infections in the United States of America is more than 3.34 Crores and the death rates have been more than 9.4 lakhs. It is also believed that when president Joe Biden took over the adminsitartion the situation of the country was very severely damaged. The countries have been taking vaccinations which have been very effective in controlling the infections.

As per the reports, when president Biden took over the administration in January, only 1% of the Americans were vaccinated and now as per the reports more than 60% of the Americans have been vaccinated and president Biden has a target that he wants about 70% of the Americans to be vaccinated partially by July 4. Some of the reports by the Center for Disease and Control and Prevention, also say that these vaccinations have caused some side effects to some of the people like blood clotting or heart inflammations.

As per the reports, the health authorities are trying to determine whether heart inflammation that can occur with some of the other disease can be rare side effects in teens and young adults after the second dose of covid-19 vaccination. An article has been published on seven-teen boys in several states in Pediatrics, which is among the latest reports of heart inflammation discovered after the covid-19 vaccination, but the link between these two has not been proven. The boys aged between 14 years to 19 years took the shots from Pfizer in April and May have developed chest pain within few days and the heart imaging showing that a heart-type of heart muscle inflammation called myocarditis.

As per the reports of Dr. Preeti Jaggi, an Emory University infectious diseae specialist, the boys were not critically ill and they were sent home after two to six days in the hospital and now they are doing pretty well. And also mentioned that there is a need for follow-up to determine how these seven-teen boys are but it is likely that the heart changes were temporary. Only one of the seven boys in the Pediatrics report to have evidence of possible covid-19 infections and the doctors mentioned there was no connection between the heart muscle inflammation and the coronavirus vaccination.

Similar cases were reported that the cases echo reports from Israel in young men who were diagnosed with heart muscle inflammation after receiving Pfizer shots. The United Nations Center for Disease Control and Prevention also warned that last month it was monitoring a small number of reports of heart inflammation in teens and young adults after the mRNA vaccines, which was the similar kind that Pfizer and Moderna’s. However, CDC does not have any link or connection between the shots and heart inflammation but it continues to urge that everyone 12 and older to get vaccinated.

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