COVID-19 Updates: Auckland And Melbourne Splinter Lockdown To End.

COVID-19 Updates: Auckland And Melbourne Splinter Lockdown To End.

Here is the latest update of what is currently happening on the Australian continent. The Australian state of Victoria and the New Zealand city of Auckland has decided to exit the lockdown on Thursday. The govt officials in Australia said that they had received control of a hotel quarantine cluster in Melbourne, which led to a five-day lockdown. On the other end, New Zealand will lift the restriction put in places of Auckland three days ago, despite three new local cases. Both countries have gained popularity for their strict measures and prevention during the global pandemic.

COVID-19 Updates: Auckland And Melbourne Splinter Lockdown To End.

The scenario in Ausis soil

The state of Victoria recently experienced a cluster of 19 cases reported after a person working at a Melbourne hotel housing quarantined cases unknowingly caught the UK variant of the virus and carried it into the community. Also, no additional locally acquired cases were identified on Wednesday. Still, the state government is now under pressure to explain how the virus escaped from the hotel quarantine, after similar breaches nationally in the most recent times. 

COVID-19 Updates Auckland And Melbourne Splinter Lockdown To End.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews claimed that the “short, sharp, circuit-breaker” lockdown saying it had safeguarded against the potential local third wave. There are simply no alternatives other than following the advice provided he also added “I am very proud of every single Victorian for the work they have done, and the scarcities they have made”. At the same time, the organizers of the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne said separately that spectators could attend the finals week, but only 7477 people would be allowed at each session which is about 50% capacity. 

With the reduction in restriction, the state’s six million residents are no longer barred from leaving home and schools can reopen. At the same time, some restrains would remain including a limit on visitors to homes and compulsory mask-wearing in packed indoor spaces. This second largest populated state of the country has not got a chance to see a reported case for the past 28 days. The state has already survived two lockdowns of which one is the 4-month shutdown of its state capital Melbourne. This was also due to failure in the hotel quarantine system. Mr. Andrews emphasized the “hyper-infectious” nature of the new strain virus that originated in the UK as justification for announcing of lockdown last Friday. But there are some experts including the Australian medical association in the opinion of calling up for a review of hotel quarantine environments due to concerns about airborne transmission. The state of Victoria presently considering a purpose-built quarantine facility.

What is the situation in New Zealand?

One of the major cities of the country Auckland entered a three-day lockdown which is the first in the country in past six months. This was since a family of three tested positive for covid-19 and two of them were identified as the new strain originated in the UK. On Thursday the Prime minister of the nation Jacinda Ardern announced that the lockdown would end as planned at midnight, even though three more locally transmitted cases have been discovered. The list includes students from a high school that will remain shut at least next week. She gave a detailed explanation and told “We wanted to make sure we took a cautious approach because that’s much, much better than getting it wrong and having a large-scale outbreak and long lockdown.

Once the lockdown is pulled the two million residents in the city of Auckland can resume their work and engage in their daily activities also the public places and hospitality venues will also commence reopening. But still, social distancing will remain the same and be maintained and the gathering of more than 100 people is still restricted. This is only applicable for the city of Auckland whereas in the rest of the country the lockdown and restrictions were cut loose a while ago.

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