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Covid Hospitalization And Death Rates In The Us Likely To Surge In Next Four Weeks

Covid Hospitalization And Death Rates In The Us Likely To Surge In Next Four Weeks

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently published a forecast on the Covid 19 widespread. The predictions from the disease experts in the country state that the rate of hospitalization and death rate will escalate in the next four weeks. The reason behind the same is the highly contagious Delta variant. Delta variant is spreading at an enormous speed affecting majorly the unvaccinated crowd in the US. 

Covid Hospitalization And Death Rates In The Us Likely To Surge In Next Four Weeks

Washington: As per the ensemble forecasts published on Wednesday predict 3,300 to 12600 new deaths. It also released data that states a leap from 5,50,000 to 23,40,000 news cases are likely to be reported in the week ending on September 4.

Covid Hospitalization And Death Rates In The Us Likely To Surge In Next Four Weeks

It also stated that there is a high probability of 9,600 to 33,300 new confirmed Covid-19 hospitalizations likely reported on September 6. These statistics are astonishing and worrisome according to the CDC. There is a need to take the situation seriously and undertake some necessary steps to limit the spread of the deadly virus. 

In the statement, CDC also said that “Over the last several weeks, more reported cases have fallen outside of the forecasted prediction intervals than expected. This suggests that current forecast prediction intervals may not capture the full range of uncertainty. Because of this, case forecasts for the coming weeks should be interpreted with caution.”

Therefore, the center is urging its citizens to strictly follow the rules, regulations, and mandates. A Covid appropriate behavior such as frequent sanitization, social distancing, and wearing masks should be observed in public. CDC also mentioned that if there is a constant increase in cases and hospitalization rates due to COVID then, the Biden administration may have to impose some mandates and regulations. 

CDC also emphasized the fact that the spike in coronavirus cases is majorly found in those states where the vaccination rate is low. It is requesting people to get themselves vaccinated. The only way to protect and safeguard from the contagious Delta variant of Covid is through vaccination.

 It also acknowledged the silver lining that more and more Americans are now understanding the intensity and seriousness of the situation. The people who were earlier reluctant to take the vaccination dose are now coming forward and getting their dose done. The vaccination drive rate has increased enormously across the US. However, there are still some unvaccinated citizens. CDC is requesting institutions and employers to make vaccination a prime mandate for their employees, staff as well as eligible students. Other rules such as making it mandatory to wear masks in indoor public areas such as bars, restaurants, etc are being discussed with the authorities before implementing them across the US.

As of Thursday morning, the caseload and death tolls in the US stood at 36,185,761 and 618,454, respectively as per the statistics from Johns Hopkins University.  These two tallies are the highest in the world and make the US the worst-Covid hit the country in the world.

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