Accelerating Covid-19 Vaccinations Seen As A Positive Development

Accelerating Covid-19 Vaccinations Seen As A Positive Development

Top US health officials see the accelerating Covid-19 vaccinations as a positive development, CNN reported.

Accelerating Covid-19 Vaccinations Seen As A Positive Development

But according to one expert, with not enough Americans yet fully vaccinated to halt the spread of the virus, easing of restrictions coupled with spring break crowds could jeopardize the hard-won gains in the battle.

Accelerating Covid-19 Vaccinations Seen As A Positive Development

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Dr Rochelle Walensky, what she found concerning was the footage of what was happening in spring breakers in people who were not continuing to implement prevention strategies while the US was fully scaled up. She was speaking at a White House Covid-19 briefing on Wednesday.

She added that people needed to continue with the restrictions as one could see a time in the next couple of months where many more people would be vaccinated with more effective blunting of infection rates.

She added the coming weeks were especially critical with a slight increase seen in Covid-19 cases while a deadly even as highly contagious variant continued to circulate. According to some experts lowering the guard by relaxing safety measures could lead to surging infections.

Walensky added that if prevention was now considered a top priority, the US would ultimately exit the pandemic faster, and fewer lives lost.

According to commentators, the US had not turned the corner yet, even as it was on the verge of doing so. Cases continued to rise by the thousands every day, with reports of hundreds of virus-related deaths every single day.

When one was at that level, one could not declare victory and say one had turned the corner, according to Dr  Anthony  Fauci, the leading infectious disease expert in the US, at a briefing. He added that one had to continue doing what was being done: more vaccinations and public health measures until the corner was actually turned.

Meanwhile, CDC data showed that over a quarter of Americans had been vaccinated with at least one dose of the vaccine, while the fully vaccinated comprised 14% of the US population.

The CDC data showed that the pace of vaccinations had doubled in less than two months, with over 70% of people 65 years of age and above receiving at least one shot.

Larger declines in Covid-19 case rates, death rates, and hospitalizations were also seen in the 65 and older population than in any other age group. According to an analysis of CDC data, they now made up a smaller share of total hospitalizations than a few months ago.

In nursing homes that had been prioritized for vaccinations nationwide since the rollout got underway, Covid-19 cases and deaths among residents were the lowest they had been since May when the tracking began, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services data showed.

Fauci and Walensky said during the briefing Wednesday that vaccines protected healthcare workers, as shown in studies. 

Walensky said that the findings need to usher in hope for all and help everyone be prepared for the shot when the vaccine was available.

Dr Tom Frieden told CNN on Wednesday night that, in total, vaccines had likely already saved at least 40,000 American lives so far.

He added they were remarkably safe and effective.

Meanwhile, with states looking to get more shots into arms faster, officials had unveiled timelines for expanded eligibility and, in many cases setting a date for when the vaccines would be open to anyone 16 and older.

While both Moderna and Johnson & Johnson vaccines were available for people 18 and older, Pfizer’s vaccine was the only one available for use by people who were 16 and older.

However, some local officials were worried that the challenge would soon be short demand rather than short supply with expanding eligibility.

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