Depression May Lead To Kidney Dysfunctionality

Depression May Lead To Kidney Dysfunctionality

A recent study of adults having the normal functionality of the kidney said that those who had symptoms of the frequent depression phase had an increased chance of the declination of the working of the kidney. The study appeared in the journal of CJASN.

Depression May Lead To Kidney Dysfunctionality

Depression is now very prevalent in society and is seen in many people all around the world breaking the barriers of age too. It can lead to various physical and mental health declines. The previous researches found the link between the symptoms of depression and the function of kidney among the patients with CKD or Chronic Kidney Disease.

Depression May Lead To Kidney Dysfunctionality

To look for a better understanding of the study, they led research to derive the link between the normal function of kidneys in adults also. The team was led by Xianhui Qin who works in the Nanfang Hospital located in the southern part of China. They examined almost 4800 normal kidneys which were enrolled in the CHARLS or China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study. 

At the start of the research, almost 39 percent of the participants showed high symptoms of depression and during the course of around 4 years, around 6 percent which was counted to be 260 dealt with the decline in the functions of the kidney.

The research showed a significant link between the symptoms of depression with the decreased functionality of a normal kidney of a healthy patient. After the research, the authors claimed that people who had depressive symptoms were 1.4 times more likely to have a kidney disorder or the decreased functionality of the kidney as compared to the one who shows infrequent depressive symptoms in his or her adulthood.

The CKD or the Chronic Kidney Disease is known to be very dangerous and leads to high-risk factors for a cardiovascular ailment as well as kidney failure and has shown a sudden rise in the graph of mortality rate in recent years. Dr. Quin said that it is better to look for the symptoms and the causing factor due to which you can lead to a risk of high chronic kidney disease.

This may reduce the burden of treatment as earlier the symptoms and the detection is done, earlier is the arrival of treatment and the medication. They added that the study did not show any causality but has shown a deep relationship between depressive symptoms like lack of sleep, anxiety, and other parallel symptoms with the decline in the function of the kidney.

 The study was done in Chinese adults with normal kidneys. If the research is confirmed then the data can also provide some clue for the depressive symptoms. It can also lead to the procedure to look for the root cause and prevent chronic kidney disease or other kidney dysfunctionality. Several measures may also be taken to reduce the stress and tension in life in order to reduce depression and anxiety. It will then help for the prevention of adults from different kinds of chronic kidney disease.

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