Dr Fauci Accepts The Job As Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser


Dr Fauci is all set to join the Biden administration soon, and he has accepted the job offer of Joe Biden as Chief Medical Adviser. Fauci is the nation’s top infectious disease expert and had led the government’s response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Dr Fauci Accepts The Job As Biden’s Chief Medical Adviser

Ron Klain, Biden’s incoming White House Chief of Staff, said that he was excited and honored to be working with Fauci. He added that there are few public servants in the history of the US who have served as long and as efficiently as Dr Fauci.

Dr Fauci Accepts The Job As Biden's Chief Medical Adviser

Fauci is currently working as the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He played a key role during the pandemic and provided guidelines to the Trump administration to deal with the pandemic.

However, Trump sidelined him in recent months as Fauci gave serious warnings about the importance of wearing masks that did not go down well with Trump. Other than that, Fauci was also keen on avoiding large gatherings, and Trump did not want that to happen due to the election campaigns.

Biden has however praised the efforts of Fauci and said that he had asked Fauci to stay in the same role as he did for the previous presidents. Apart from that, Biden wanted Fauci to be part of the Covid team and take up the role of Chief Medical Adviser.

Fauci said that he was about to meet the transition team of Biden through Zoom. Fauci will be discussing important issues with regards to vaccinations and other things related to the pandemic. Biden is also likely to introduce new restrictions with regards to wearing masks once he takes charge of the office.

According to the latest reports with regards to the coronavirus cases, the US has crossed more than 14 million cases, and the death toll has gone beyond 273000. The last few days have seen more than 2800 deaths per day, and this is certainly going out of control. Experts point out that this has surpassed the deaths at Pearl Harbor and almost matched the deaths that happened due to terror attacks on Sept 11 in 2001.

Biden said that he trusted Fauci when it came to dealing with the pandemic and verifying the effectiveness of the vaccines. Apart from that, the transition team will also discuss issues related to the distribution of the vaccines across the country in the meeting with Fauci. Biden has always supported Fauci during the pandemic and said that the warnings given by Fauci were in the best interest of the American public.

Fauci has now warned that there can be a surge in infections after the holiday season. As more people tend to gather indoors during holidays, the number of coronavirus cases could increase in the near term. Other than that, the cold weather has also forced many people to stay in closed environments for long hours, and this is also contributing to the rising number of cases across the country. The virus also has better chances of survival in cold weather conditions.

Fauci expressed confidence about the vaccine and said that they would be safe once they get approval from the FDA and the government. Biden also shared similar views about the vaccine and said that help was on the way in the form of vaccines. However, Biden also cautioned that it would take several months before the vaccine can be given to everyone and till then, practising social distancing and wearing masks should be taken seriously.

Biden has also warned against travel and large family gatherings during the holiday season as this can spike the number of cases. He said that Christmas was going to be harder this year and warned that the country might see another 250000 deaths during the holiday season and January. The numbers of hospitalizations are also on the rise, and there is a serious shortage of critical care beds across the country.

Even though Biden did not interact with Fauci directly, his Chief of Staff Ron Klain met Fauci a few times and discussed important issues related to the pandemic. Fauci also has indicated that Biden is not meeting Fauci directly to avoid disputes with the Trump administration. The Biden team is waiting for the transition to be completed so that they can announce the health team officially and move ahead with measures to control the pandemic.

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