Early Stage Cancer Can Be Tackled By Immunotherapy

Early Stage Cancer Can be tackled by Immunotherapy

According to the health day news, an immunotherapy drug can reduce the chances of early stages of cancer in the lung and can even reduce the death ratio due to cancer. Atezolizumab has been proven effective in reducing the chances of cancer in patients and has even proven very effective in patients suffering from stage 2 and stage 3 lung cancer according to new research.

Early Stage Cancer Can Be Tackled By Immunotherapy

According to the research, chemotherapy has been proven effective and can even reduce the chances of death by a huge margin of 16 percent. The researchers claim that this can be taken as a big step towards the treatment of lung cancer.

Early Stage Cancer Can be tackled by Immunotherapy

Dr. Heather Wakelee who is a chief at the oncology at the Stanford University Medical Centre claimed that if the U.S Food and administration of drug use approves the use of Tecentriq, then it could be a big step towards the treatment of cancer patients. It helps to seek the cancer cells and build up an immune system to tackle the body against the cells.

 He then added that it is very efficient and would be delighted if the US government approves the drug so that it can be used in immunotherapy and save the lives of people who have been struggling for a long time due to lung cancer.

Dr. Julie, chief medical officer and the executive vice president at the ASCO said that in the history of medical science she has never seen such effective immunotherapy in the treatment of the early stages of cancer. She added that it is a huge advancement in the field of immunotherapy and they are looking forward to the improvement in the healthcare systems of the state.

Lung cancer has been one of the main reasons for the quarter of deaths in America out of all the lung cancer deaths. Immunotherapy and many drugs help to build the immune system of the body to fight against cancer cells. In some cases, lung cancer is seen to use some kind of protein known as the PD-L1 to evade the metabolism and the immune system.

Research after several studies claimed that almost half of the cancer patients who are dealing with lung cancer have a common protein known as the PPD-L1 on the tumor cells. Basically, this protein is only present in the healthy cells but when the fighting cells or the white blood cells see this protein on the cancer cells they get confused and don’t attack it.

Atezolizumab blocks the transients sent by the PD-L1 which allows the immune system to recognize the tumor cells and take action against it. These findings are not just on paper but also in reality and ha been proven effective in dealing with tumor cells.

The new research paper was shown at the annual meet of the American Oncology society. They added in order to get the treatment first of all the patients should come up to diagnose and then the immunotherapy can be applied.

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