Effects Of Covid-19 Breakthrough Infection

Effects Of Covid-19 Breakthrough Infection

People worldwide have reported getting Covid-19 after their doses of vaccination. According to the data of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 5,800 have tested positive for the virus after two weeks or more of vaccination. This was after the people reportedly had both the doses of the Moderna vaccine or the Pfizer-BioNTech.

Effects Of Covid-19 Breakthrough Infection

According to the data of CDC, breakthrough infections have been observed in people of all ages. In 40% of the cases, people aged 60 or more are reportedly affected. Women, more than men, are testing positive post-vaccination. 65% of women have already reported cases of infection. Much of the virus is spreading without symptoms; 29% of people have said that they had the disease without any symptoms. Of those affected, 74% of people died, and 7% were hospitalized. 

Effects Of Covid-19 Breakthrough Infection

Robin Hauser, who is a pediatrician in Florida, noticed symptoms of the disease after seven weeks of receiving her second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. Her word of caution to her friends is not to give up the safety measures after vaccination. Meanwhile, Hauser has both her children affected by the virus. Her husband and father, who are suffering from cancer, are luckily safe. 

Instances such as this have been a few in the US. However, the number of cases is rising with passing days. Masha Gessen, who is a staff writer at The New Yorker, had both her doses of the vaccine by February. She was tested positive after a month. Masha, whose partner Loktev fell ill after a week of Masha’s first dose, expressed her emotional disturbance from the breakthrough in The New Yorker. She wrote that her diagnosis of the virus after vaccination had affected her in a way that she needed three weeks to feel normal again. 

Similar to Masha’s experience is the fear of experts who think that the breakthrough can affect the way people perceive the disease and its vaccines. According to Dr. Kami Kim, director at the University of South Florida, physicians are also disturbed by the growing number of covid cases. Kami further added that although the breakthrough was anticipated, both patients and physicians are feeling confused. 

According to the health experts, the breakthrough infections were obvious as manufacturers had repeatedly stated that the vaccines are not safe. Moderna and Pfizer were said to be 90% safer, with a 100% chance that people who get infected will not have severe outcomes leading to hospitalizations once they receive the vaccine doses. The manufacturers further added that the breakthrough cases reported by CD are not surprising. 

But when found being infected after the vaccine, they got scared. The breakthrough is also creating a psychological impact, as pointed out by Marsha. Moderna spokesperson Colleen Hussey stated that 90% of the people were found with the infection after their vaccination in the clinical trials. On the other hand, Pfizer spokesperson Jerica Pitts stated that they would monitor the trials for a better understanding of the disease and the vaccine. 

But the claim of the manufacturers is not in line with the actual data. According to the vaccine manufacturers, people could become ill or test positive after the vaccination. But according to the data of CDC, people are also getting infected. Also, Pfizer and Moderna claimed 90% protection from the virus.

But health experts believe that protection is possible from 50% to 80%. And the level of protection is based on the vaccine’s individual properties and the time lapsed after the vaccine’s administration. Moreover, the second dose of the vaccine can boost immunity for two weeks or so. But that too shall depend on individual differences. 

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden has announced an expense of 1.7 billion to be made for tracking the variants through the sequencing efforts of scaling genomic.

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