Experts Warn Of Another Covid-19 Surge.

Experts Warn Of Another Covid-19 Surge.

The US might be hit with another Covid-19 case surge, according to one expert, CNN reported. She added that health officials had repeatedly warned about the surge even as state leaders had eased restrictions and mask mandates went out of the window in several states.

Experts Warn Of Another Covid-19 Surge.

According to Dr Leana Wen, who spoke to CNN on Wednesday night,  she thought a  surge in the number of infections would been seen. She added what would help this time, though, was that the most vulnerable, especially nursing home residents, people who were older, were now vaccinated, and a spike in hospitalizations and deaths may be prevented.

Experts Warn Of Another Covid-19 Surge.

The first warning signs were seen in case numbers levelling off, following weeks of steep declines, with the country continuing to average thousands of new cases daily. That kind of plateau earlier predicted surges, according to some experts.

However, few Covid-19 cases and more vaccinations came in handy for governors as they moved to quickly lift measures meant to curb the spread of the virus.

Furthermore, some local leaders also eased restrictions with Chicago officials earlier this week, raising indoor capacity for restaurants, bars and other businesses. On Wednesday, Baltimore leaders announced easing restrictions at places including religious facilities, malls, fitness centres and retail stores and foodservice establishments with changes to take effect next week.

But even as the restrictions were being eased, the spread of the highly contagious B.1.1.7 variant was worrying. The variants could potentially undo all the progress the US had made if Americans went lax with safety measures, according to Dr Rochelle Walensky, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to her projections, the B.1.1.7 variant would become the US’s dominant variant by early April or end-March.

But spring break crowds and revellers had shrugged off warnings as Florida officials reported too many people and not enough masks. Further, across the US, air travel numbers were seen at pandemic-era records.

Now, as the US inched closer to 30 million reported infections, cases were rising by over 10% in 14 states this week as against last week, according to Johns Hopkins University data — with half of those states seeing a rise of more than 20%.

Dr Richard Besser, the former acting CDC director, told CNN that the authorities were in a race on Wednesday. He added they were in a race to get the population vaccinated, and at the same time, they were fighting people’s exhaustion with the restrictions. He added they were also fighting the move by many governors to remove the restrictions that were keeping all safe.

He added, those factors were a cause for concern.

Meanwhile, Michigan cases were rising the fastest with a 50% jump this week as against the last, Johns Hopkins data showed. Big increases had also been seen in Delaware, Alabama, Montana and West Virginia.

There was a long list of factors behind the spike in cases in Michigan, according to Dr Jennifer Morse, Mid-Michigan District Health Department, medical director.

She list the rolling back of restrictions, Covid-19 fatigue, a   prison outbreak, a failure to wear masks, and the B.1.1.7 variant fueling the surge while interacting with CNN. Earlier this month,  Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer eased restrictions, increased capacity limits at restaurants and a number of facilities, including retail stores and gyms.

Morse told CNN that her one hope was that they had been really aggressively vaccinating and had been working through the different categories for vaccines, and that would help to keep (cases) from increasing as (they) did last fall.

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