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Florida Grapples With The Maximum Rise In Covid – Scares Nation

Florida Grapples With The Maximum Rise In Covid - Scares Nation

On Tuesday, Florida reported the maximum number of new coronavirus cases in the country. According to data released by CDC, close to 16% of the total number of new cases in the country are from the state of Florida. The seven-day moving average number of new coronavirus cases now stands at 20058. In addition, the CDC website also revised the total number of cases adjusted for Saturday and Sunday.

Most of the new coronavirus cases in Florida are of the new delta variant and most of the affected people are the unvaccinated ones. Close to 85% of the inpatient hospital beds are now occupied in Florida. 

Florida Grapples With The Maximum Rise In Covid

The number of children affected by the delta variant of Covid-19 is also rising that has caused debates on the health consequences of restarting schools. A few schools where the first signs of Covid-19 were detected have resorted to online classrooms. Public health experts are advocating local mandates to reduce the spread of the virus in Florida. 

Florida Grapples With The Maximum Rise In Covid
MIAMI BEACH, FL – MARCH 18: A cyclist passes a “Health Advisory” sign on March 18, 2020 in Miami Beach, Florida. Miami Beach city officials closed the area of the beach that is popular with college spring breakers and asked them to refrain from large gatherings where COVID-19 could spread. (Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

Looking at the rising number of cases, school officials, especially in Florida are now defying the governor’s ban on mask mandates. Many large schools in Florida, Texas, etc. are now requiring students to follow Covid-19 appropriate behavior and asking kids to wear masks. Many teachers and professors are now freaking out regarding the surge of infections that in-person classrooms shall cause. Schools have now become the battleground for politics. The Governor of Florida DeSantis is in a bitter war with the Biden administration over masks in schools. Florida schools chief has initiated investigations into public schools that have mandated masks, while Biden administration is exploring options to impose mask mandates in the state-run schools. 

The surge in the number of cases in Florida has caused a shortage of ER services in the state. Ambulances, emergency services including fire trucks are all working to full capacities and patients are having to wait for hours before getting ambulances to get them to a nearby hospital. The Federal government has responded by sending hundreds of ventilators and other equipment necessary for hospitals. 

As per the reports, on Tuesday, close to 14787 people were hospitalized for Covid-19 with 90% of these being unvaccinated. The only severe lining is that looking at the recent surge, the pace of vaccinations has also gone up in Florida and people who previously didn’t want to get vaccinated are now seriously considering getting Covid-19 shots. 

A lot of economists believe that this is a crucial time for Florida state and the economy of the state, already fragile, could be badly affected if the transmission of the delta variant is uncontrolled. The economy of South Florida is heavily dependent on Hotels, restaurants, and tourists and new travel restrictions could lead to a slowdown in these sectors which will impact the economy adversely. Thousands of jobs could be in danger if there are new lockdown mandates in the state. Everything boils down to the length and severity of the current wave in Florida, economists say.

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