Freedom In The Offing For Vaccinated Americans – CDC Guidelines Specify Exemption Of Masks

Freedom In The Offing For Vaccinated Americans – CDC Guidelines Specify Exemption Of Masks

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention laid down new guidelines for fully vaccinated Americans. Wherein the new rule exempts wearing a mask outside except for in crowded setup as per reports released as of Tuesday. 

Freedom In The Offing For Vaccinated Americans – CDC Guidelines Specify Exemption Of Masks

A detailed brief by the White House corroborated the mandates where unmasking is allowed while running, walking, hiking, and biking while outdoors. This is especially for fully vaccinated individuals when they are alone or in the presence of their family members. 

Freedom In The Offing For Vaccinated Americans – CDC Guidelines Specify Exemption Of Masks

The ruling also specifies that a mask is not necessitated by vaccinated individuals on small outdoor gatherings with friends and family members who also stand to be fully vaccinated. This also includes mixed gatherings of vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. 

The guidance retorted how fully vaccinated individuals have got the free run to not wear a mask while visiting outdoor restaurants along with their friends as well as people from multiple different households. 

CDC director, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, stated how this move is another step towards normalcy. She also mentioned how for fully vaccinated individuals, things are much safer in comparison to those who aren’t fully vaccinated.

The recommendations by the CDC still mention wearing masks for indoor settings as well as for outdoor public venues where it is a mandate. This is for people who are fully vaccinated. An individual is considered to be fully vaccinated once two weeks have surpassed post receiving the second jab. This is either for the Pfizer-BioNTech or the Moderna vaccines. 

Whereas for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, two weeks post their single-dose shot is enough. The announcement by the CDC boasts of a shift in preference of their public health messaging. 

One that has seen a long way from drilling restrictions all through the pandemic to encouraging programming for mass vaccination. Thereby providing benefits that are tangible to individuals who have received their shots. 

President Joe Biden in a briefing mentioned how vaccines are the way out. Being vaccinated allows one to do more things indoors as well as outdoors by being safe and sound. He also specified individuals who have been thinking they do not need vaccination since they are younger needs to rethink their decision. The same is also another reason to get vaccinated right away. 

The CDC data marks 30 percent of the total U.S. population as fully vaccinated. Whereas the data also states that nearly 42 percent of the population has received one dose at the most.

The guidance as announced by the agency states the major differentiator of wearing and not wearing masks. Wearing masks might not be necessary if one is on their own or with members of the same household. But the same is recommended in public venues and where there are specifications on outdoor masking. The protocols should be followed with strict adherence.

Multiple states across the U.S. have begun to ease the outdoor masking necessitations. One of them is Kentucky, where the residents do not have to follow the protocols of wearing masks at outdoor events. Wherein the crowd numbers are limited to being fewer than a thousand people.

Another state joining the bandwagon is Massachusetts. Governor Charlie Baker had informed the reporters on the lifting of restrictions of outdoor masking by the last week of April. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, health experts have corroborated the same statement how the risk of transmission of coronavirus is much lower outdoors than indoors.

White House’s chief medical adviser, Dr. Anthony Fauci, in an interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News, mentioned the risk of transmission this Friday. That the risk outdoors is minute for people who are vaccinated. 

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