Global Action For Risks Due To Climate Change

Global Action For Risks Due To Climate Change

In the past few days, news that was highlighted in the very channel was the march of thousands of Health Care workers marching towards the World Health Organization to create awareness for the risks of health due to climate change. This issue should be highlighted thus the march was successful and a large number of people participated sportingly.

Global Action For Risks Due To Climate Change

From the International Geneva’s district to the World Health Organization Headquarters, around two hundred people in a white mask with medical coats marched. Some of the people also waved large banners urging the government to take some action.

Global Action For Risks Due To Climate Change

They also carried an eye-catching high built thermometer which was shown in red color depicting an alarming stage of global climate change. It also shows the rise in temperature on earth and depicted burning earth.

In the WHO headquarters once, representatives of the health care system from the rebellion of the Extinction named as Doctors4XR; an activist for climate change network handed a petition to the chief of World Health Organization Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

The petition was signed by 11 hundred officials related to public health departments from all around the world which gave warnings to take some action and reduce the inertia between the paperwork and actual ground report. 

It also demanded every country under this organization to put up their point regarding climate change and the harsh outcomes of this on the civilizations all around the world. They also focused on the factor of global warming and how it has risked the lives of people.

After much deliberation and discussion over the issue, they warned that climate change has affected the ecosystem adversely and can be hazardous to human civilization. Strict actions must be taken in order to protect the life of people all around the world. 

Health workers across the globe already warned that they have been seeing a deterioration in the health system all around the world. The list of diseases and ailments due to climate changes has been increasing day by day. The reports said that in recent years people have been suffering from cardiovascular diseases and respiratory ailments a lot.

 The risk of having a stroke has increased. There is an increased number of deaths due to heatwaves. Lack of food and hospitality and intoxication has increased majorly. The petition also said that the covid-19 pandemic is also a major concern and the organization should focus more on such problems. The deaths due to pollution and drastic changes in the environment like tsunamis and earthquakes have led to an increased number of loss of lives.

The organization should come forward to withstand with the citizens all around the world to show support to citizens. They added that there is a vaccine for the pandemic due to the coronavirus but there is no medication and vaccine for climate change. It is all about the combined effort of each and everyone to contribute to the noble cause and to save our planet for the future generation.

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