Identifying The U.S Hotspots For Opioid Addiction

overdoses of opioids

According to the Health Day news, the researchers found a link between the overdoses of opioids and the distress which is basically mental. They found almost 3 dozen of the hotspots for the opioid overdoses regionally in the United States. Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and Indiana were found to have the highest number of opioid deaths.

Identifying The U.S Hotspots For Opioid Addiction

It also included many regional locations. According to the co-author Diego Cuadros who is the director of the Cincinnati University in the Department of Health and Diseases prevention, the study showed the increased risk of the overdose of opioids both localized as well a widespread. 

Identifying The U.S Hotspots For Opioid Addiction

He added that the risk of overdoses due to opioid is different in different people and should not compare one person’s condition to another. He said that the sole purpose of the study was to identify the highest risk factor associated with the overdose. They wanted to characterize the points which led to the greatest number of deaths due to overdose of an opioid.

The study found that white men between the ages of 25 to 35 have a higher risk of overdose due to opioids. They added that the risk among black men between the ages of 30 to 35 is maximum and should be taken care of.

The researchers found a relationship between mental distress like anxiety, lack of sleep, hormonal changes, and many more symptoms with overdose deaths. They added that it increases the risk for overdose death by a huge margin of 39 percent.

Cuadros exclaimed in an interview that they found a strong association of drug abuse with the patient’s mental health. He said that we have been living in a pandemic situation for almost a year under such tension and stress and now the population is fed up with being in their respective homes.

The stress and mental disbalance may increase in the drug abuse. The amount by which opioid drug abuse will increase in the upcoming years will be devastating as most of them will have to face serious consequences due to the overdose of opioids or other harmful substances.

Researchers are now dealing with the problem of why deaths due to drug abuse are seen more in men than in females and in between a certain age group. He said that one of the reasons can be the responsibility and burden on the shoulder of an adult of the age 25 to 35.

It can lead to a stressful life. He added that there can be some hormonal as well as physical changes of which we are not aware.

The health workers try to give opioid addiction medication to reduce the risk of death. According to Cuadros the main focus while driving the medication system is to identify the most affected population due to opioid overdose.

The identification of the population should be the first step. Then the medication for the reversal of the drug addiction like naloxone and other medications should be provided to reduce the risk of death.

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