Ignoring The Seatbelts May Result In Spinal Injury

Ignoring The Seatbelts May Result In Spinal Injury

According to a new study by the health day news most of children, mainly adolescents living in America fracture their spines due to car crashes as they don’t wear seat belts often. The ratio is almost two-third according to the research.

Ignoring The Seatbelts May Result In Spinal Injury

The researchers analyzed the data of around 34 thousand teens who fractured and injured their spines in a car accident between the years 2014 to 2019.  The children studied were basically Americans aging to almost 15 or 16 at an average of all the children studied.

Ignoring The Seatbelts May Result In Spinal Injury

Teens between the age group of 15 to 17 were seen to be witnessing almost 67 percent of the spinal fractures and almost two-third was due to a motor vehicle accident. Most of the teens don’t wear the seatbelts meant to protect them and, in the rash, driving they witness motor crashes leading to fractures and injuries in the spine.

According to the authors of the journal Spine most of the findings claim that when young teens get a driving license, they are at a high risk of getting a serious injury in the spine due to motor vehicle accidents.

They are at risk of getting crashed as they are new to driving and the brain functionality at the starting of the driving experience is slow leading to increased chances of getting fractures in the spine. The researchers also found a strong link between not buckling up the seat belts properly and the fractures in the spine caused due to this.

According to Dr. Vishal Sarwahi who is a specialist in the child hospital at the Cohen New York and also wrote many journals, nearly one-third of the spinal fractures are caused due to the motor driving of youngsters while not wearing or buckling up their seat belts properly.

And when they have an accident, the most affected part of the body is the spine and can cause serious injuries and can also cause lifetime dysfunctionality. The researchers noted that the death ratio of spinal fractures due to motor accidents is almost 3 percent with most of the drivers not wearing seatbelts.

Another research claimed that the risk of death when the child does not wear the seatbelt is almost 71 percent which is very high as compared to the children who wear the seatbelts and met with an accident. The ratio is almost 23 percent.

Wearing seatbelts has been proven effective in reducing the risk of death of the passengers and the drivers. In addition to various spinal fractures, various other injuries like brain injury and head injury are also involved. Wearing your seatbelts can reduce the risk of these injuries as well and it has been proven to reduce the death rates by 20 percent.

The researchers also found that almost 58 percent of the people who met with spinal fracture were males and most of them belong to the south region (almost 38 percent of people) where the public transportation is very less resulting in more number of vehicles possessed by a particular individual. 

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