Investigation Into The Origins Of The Pandemic

Investigation Into The Origins Of The Pandemic

Top Health Officials in the US had called for a thorough investigation into the origins of the coronavirus which had plagued the world last year and has just started to show signs of scaling down. President Joe Biden has informed the people of the government’s measures to investigate the origins of the pandemic.

Investigation Into The Origins Of The Pandemic

Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra had asked for the independence to investigate the root of the pandemic and it’s spread around the world to get the truth in a WHO conference.

Investigation Into The Origins Of The Pandemic

This is after the WHO had sent international scientists to Wuhan to investigate the roots of the virus spread and came back with unconcreted reports.

As previously known, the origins of the virus were always debated. The first news revealed it was a natural transition from animals to humans – Zoonotic, like the origin of bird flu, from a wet market in Wuhan. But as time passed, some theories suggested the release of a bioweapon. These theories were scratched after scientific evidence proved that the strains of covid-19 could not be synthetically engineered. But this could not rule out a possibility of a case of accidental release of the virus. These theories were given ammunition by the blatant press conferences by the former President of the US, which hinted at this deliberate release by China from the Wuhan Institute of virology. These were ruled out by the WHO investigation which was done at the start of the year by international scientists.

However, Becerra’s recent comment has shown that the Biden administration is also sceptical on the origins and hopes to know more on this. This theory is given traction by new facts which recently came to light. The Wall Street Journal reports suggest that the researchers working in the lab were admitted to the hospitalized weeks before the first case was recorded. The Trump administration also released reports along the same thread which they formed by intelligence they had gathered that echoed the Wall Street journal reports. However, an anonymous insider said that though the intelligence suggests that researchers had been taken to hospitals to treat their illness, it was unclear whether they were affected by Covid-19. Though the reports were true, the Trump administration blew them up in preposterous proportions when they were adamant on the bioweapon theories, which lacked scientific proof.

Anthony S. Fauci, a well-versed expert on infectious disease, believes that this coronavirus occurred naturally by the transition from animals to humans. Still, he suggested a deeper probe which fuels the call for an investigation. However, his statements have been questioned by the conspiracy theories that link him with the Wuhan Institute of virology which is being investigated in Capitol Hill. The theory links elaborate connections, which suggests that the United States had funded projects on coronavirus in the WIH. And the fact that the WHO investigation shed little light on the point zero animal from which it originated only further fuels the theory of laboratory origins. 

 The credibility of the WHO investigation is also questioned as the possibility of undue influence of international and national politics were high. This is due to the reluctance of the Chinese government to allow a transparent and open investigation by international scientists. 

The constant war of words between the US and China has led to a sort of cold war and a battle of power. Though the origin of the virus has no impact on the pandemic whatsoever, the implications of the origin could have a major political and economic impact throughout the globe. The US and its allies have voiced their opinions that the brunt of the pandemic must be taken upon by the Chinese government, which has been brushed aside by China, citing it to be an unintended natural progression of a virulent disease. 

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