J&J Vaccine Halt – An Indication of A Working Public Health System

J&J Vaccine Halt – An Indication of a Working Public Health System

The physicians have retorted how the potential problems surrounding the vaccine and the evident guardrails for its identification are working as they should. This was followed post the recommendations by the federal officials. 

J&J Vaccine Halt – An Indication of A Working Public Health System

One that was regulated at pausing administering the Johnson & Johnson’s one-shot vaccine. Amongst the 7 million Americans who have been administered the shot, there have been six cases of significant blood clots. 

J&J Vaccine Halt – An Indication of a Working Public Health System

The country is still bearing the brunt of the novel coronavirus that has resulted in 30 million cases and half a million deaths. Covid-19 is still not showing any symptoms of slowing down and is fast spreading its tentacles thus leading to a halt in the vaccination efforts. This has further led to one of those rare occurrences that have prompted extreme questioning owing to the pushback.

The health experts have corroborated that this is an indication of a working public health system. The oversight institutions are doing their job as exactly as directed. Dr. Taison Bell, a critical care and infectious diseases physician, stated that the safety bar for vaccines is considerably higher. This is owing to the reason that healthy individuals are inoculated with the same. 

Dr. Krutika Kuppalli, a professor of infectious diseases at the Medical University of South Carolina stated her take on emergency usage of Covid-19 vaccines. These vaccines were authorized based on testing amongst a sample population. 

The questioned blood clots have been termed cerebral venous sinus thrombosis and are a rare case that affects every five people in a million annually. Clinical trials, henceforth are not suited to testifying against the potential adverse effects even if there are hundreds to thousands of patients. 

Both Kuppalli and Bell were quick to retort how the Americans have been witness to the movement of the vaccines from the lab to the real world. The dedicated guardrails are working as directed. 

The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System is a database that has been enforced to track the possible side effects of the Covid-19 vaccine by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The database covers a broad field from mapping the side effects of the vaccine to adventitious timed events. 

Data released a week ago confirmed there were 68000 plus events concerning Covid-19 vaccination in the system as of Friday. 10% of which was related to Johnson & Johnson’s single-shot vaccine. One that came into effect in the U.S. from early March and registers a 90% split amongst all the associated events. This is with regards to Moderna as well as Pfizer’s vaccines.

The events as registered see side effects that are quite common from headaches to chills. Allergic reactions known as anaphylaxis are more severe conditions that are related to these events. 

A cluster of CVST cases was picked on in surveillance by the officials that was a rising concern. Kuppalli stated how the low blood-platelet counts were not typically random. This was attributed to a multitude of factors amongst the affected patients who were all supposedly women. 

The blood clotting has affected a few and the data with regards to the fatality rate is pale in comparison to Covid-19 infected ones. However, the six cases are comparatively four times the number of expected occurrences. This is amongst the age group of women between 20 to 50 years old in the same time frame.

CDC has elaborately defined how VAERS typifies an early warning system and acts in accordance with providing vaccine safety. Thus, recognizing varied types of events and doing the intended job. 

Despite the growing concerns related to the halting of the vaccination program which might lead to vaccine hesitance, Kuppalli and Bell have a different take. The moves are transparent and are here for addressing issues relating to the build-up of public trust in the long run. 

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