Weight Loss Medication Is Effective But Exercise Too Is Needed

Weight Loss Medication Is Effective But Exercise Too Is Needed

As per the latest study, the drug for weight loss namely Saxenda can help you lose some excessive pounds off your body, but if we combine exercise with it then likely a better result can be expected.

Weight Loss Medication Is Effective But Exercise Too Is Needed

The study even warns and makes sure that with valid advice prescription based weight loss drugs will work a lot much efficiently with a lifestyle change but it cannot be an alternative to the same.

Weight Loss Medication Is Effective But Exercise Too Is Needed

People have to understand that it acts just as a supplement to the body. Maintaining proper diet and understanding that there are many more ways to adapt to these medicines including them in lifestyle than just depending on them solely.

For the study purpose, they clarified more about Saxenda drug. Saxenda also known as liraglutide is a prescribed and approved drug in the United States to consume for maintaining proper weight loss with exercise on the purpose of cutting extra calories.

The study’s main focus was to understand what happens when the combination of drug and exercise are separated and conducted alone. That means looking for the effects if only Saxenda drug is consumed for weight loss and comparing it with weight loss success with only exercise. As this was never been tested before with full efforts, the study came into value to test it now.

In conclusion, the effect of the drug and exercise combination a trial was published in the New England Journal of Medicine on 6th of May, explaining that the combination won by showing the most effects on people with better results.

Experts quoted the word ‘comprehensive’ and explained the importance of choosing such tactics for losing extra weight off. Dr. Scott Kahan said “The standard of care with all obesity treatments — medications and surgery — is to use them as adjuncts to ongoing behavioral changes,” he is one of the spoke person that was assigned for the Obesity Society.

He even put pressure on explaining that a sustainable and proper diet along with regular efficient exercise is the key to lose weight and be in proper shape. Dr. Scott is also the director of the National Center for Weight and Wellness situation in Washington, D.C.

He was quite clear in explaining the role of weight loss medications. He again quoted that these medications can be an alternative solution or additional supplement but we cannot consider them as “magic cures”.

He even noted that few doctors prescribe these medications without giving proper support in changing the lifestyle of the patient or the consultant. It has to be a part of people understanding that lifestyle and diet plays a very crucial role in helping people lose weight and medication can just be a helping hand in this situation.

People are eagerly waiting to understand what the study point of view here is. They want a proper outcome about the medication’s effect on losing weight and its efficiency. With this, they can adapt to the same as the results conclude. But at the same time, people have started to understand the role of lifestyle and diet.

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