MFAT A Technique To Relieve Yourself from Severe Shoulder Pain

MFAT A Technique To Relieve Yourself from Severe Shoulder Pain

It was recently founded that when a person is injected with his fat cells then he can be relieved by the pain. When a person gets any injuries related to the spinal cord, they are unfortunately in a wheelchair and overusing their shoulder power for movement, leading to severe chronic pain in the shoulders.

MFAT A Technique To Relieve Yourself from Severe Shoulder Pain

The injection technique called micro fragmented adipose tissue (MFAT) helps to relieve the pain by the introduction of fat cells at the joints which creates a cushion. The technique is found to be very effective.

MFAT A Technique To Relieve Yourself from Severe Shoulder Pain

Dr. Trevor Dyson-Hudson, in the Kessler Foundation in West Orange, N.J., director of the Centre for Spinal Cord Injury Research stated “I have said that this technique is not like injecting steroids which may be harmful at times but this process is complete healing with the natural process.

Dyson-Hudson further added to it that people who are in wheelchair generally suffer from this problem their shoulders do a lot of work and feel so much stress that a point of time come when it starts causing chronic pain.

There were no remedies that could resolve this pain no medicines used to work for better but now we have this new technique which is found out to be very promising. In the research, it was found that within the 2 years people were relieved from the pain completely. Also, this technique is so efficient that it could be used for people who are suffering from joint pain and not only the ones who are in a wheelchair.

Knee pain can also be treated by this method. Because the method is very new and an experimental one we cannot expect to have health insurance for it but a person who could not find relief from any method can opt for this. The doctor says at least it is a good choice, rather than a surgery straightforward.

He also shares about the study telling there were almost 10 patients who were suffering from the sewer pain and were on wheelchairs and have damaged their rotator cuffs because of overuse of shoulder joint and were also the sufferers of spinal cord injuries.

There were other methods as well like medication, therapies, equipment modification but neither of them found to be so effective to give long-term relief from unbearable pain. But the use of this technique on the patients gives them relief from pain.

Almost 80% of them were out of pain and some of them improved in functioning as well. Joseph Monteforte who was 58 had got a spinal cord injury due to a building collapse in 2007, but this high-spirited mad was still physically active but started suffering from unbearable shoulder pain he said that he used cortisone and nerve block shots within three months each.

But after being a part of the study and the use of MFAT for 4 years he didn’t require any extra relief measure and says this is just priceless for me.

The micro fragmented adipose tissue technique is considered and found to be better than the other techniques or measures of relief from pain because it is much more durable and effective than others. Also, it gives instant relief from pain and needs a very small time for recovery or almost no time.

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