Missouri Emerges As The New Covid Hotspot Owing To The Mutated Variants And Lower Vaccination Rate

Missouri Emerges As The New Covid Hotspot Owing To The Mutated Variants And Lower Vaccination Rate

Over the past few weeks, the US has witnessed a steady recovery from the gloom of the pandemic.

The states are gradually opening up and the relaxations are easing up.

Missouri Emerges As The New Covid Hotspot Owing To The Mutated Variants And Lower Vaccination Rate

Amidst the effort to return to normalcy, Missouri is emerging as the new hot spot with the more dangerous delta variant and low vaccination rates among its residents.

Missouri Emerges As The New Covid Hotspot Owing To The Mutated Variants And Lower Vaccination Rate

Missouri the new destination for disaster:

The low vaccination rate in the state can be attributed to the hesitancy among the people to get the shots.

As a result, in the last few days, the state has witnessed an unprecedented outcome where the hospital beds are being flooded with young patients and the intensive care units are functioning over their capacity treating unvaccinated patients.

The healthcare providers in the state are under a similar kind of stress that was seen during the initial days of the pandemic and which is highly unlikely when the US is nearing the concluding stage of the crisis.

For the rest of the nation, still apprehensive about getting immunized, Missouri hopes that they can present a lesson about the downside of inadequate vaccination.

According to Erick Frederick, the chief administrative officer at the Mercy Hospital Springfield, currently flooded with covid-19 patients, if the rest of the US take the case of Missouri as a lesson, it is a privilege for them and for the nation.

The reality check:

Missouri, at the moment, is leading all other states in terms of new cases with the delta variant.

The maximum surge in the cases is observed in the northern part and southwestern part of the state, which primarily houses the conservative farming community.

Branson and Springfield, in the Ozark mountain stretches in the particular region, which is known as the music Mecca of the US, and where recent heavy gatherings have been observed in the theatres of the city and other social attractions.

According to the data of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the rest of the US, 53% of the population have received at least one dose of the vaccination.

When it comes to Missouri, in the northern and southern county, only 40% have received vaccine doses and in one particular county, the rate drops to a mere 13%.

Moreover, in this latest surge of the cases, the patients are comparatively young. An estimated 60-65% of the patients admitted in the intensive care unit are below the age of 40 years.

There are also warnings for states like Arkansas, which has a low vaccination rate and recorded a hike in cases not seen in the last three months.

What the threat implies for the rest of the US:

The most prominent sources of concern for the state are the low vaccination rates, the vulnerability of the young adults to the infection, and the new variant emerging as the most prominent strain.

The new delta variant now accounts for more than 20% of the new covid cases across the US, and for the states with low vaccination rates, this accounts for more than half of the new cases.

States like Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming fall on the list.

To mitigate the threat, officials are taking up effort to maximize vaccination for the age group of 18-26 years, who were the least vaccinated ones even when the shots were available.

Missouri never had any mandate on masks and the federal authorities last week have passed orders that do not make it compulsory to show proof of vaccination or follow public health restrictions.According to experts, the real danger lies in the fact that the present situation in Missouri may emerge as a prelude to what can happen if restrictions are eased too early in states and regions that are still low on the vaccination rates.

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