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A New Analysis Suggests The Kids Are More Prone To Depression Due To The Rise In Pandemic

A New Analysis Suggests The Kids Are More Prone To Depression Due To The Rise In Pandemic

According to the research, depression, and anxiety in youth have doubled during the pandemic compared to pre-pandemic levels. One in 4 adolescent children across the globe is “experiencing depression and anxiety symptoms, while 1 in 5 youth is experiencing anxiety symptoms.”

A New Analysis Suggests The Kids Are More Prone To Depression Due To The Rise In Pandemic

Study author Sheri Madigan an associate professor of clinical psychology and Canada research chair in determinants of child development at the University of Calgary said, “Results from this analysis suggest that the pandemic has likely created a global mental health crisis in youth,”

A New Analysis Suggests The Kids Are More Prone To Depression Due To The Rise In Pandemic

The study found, ‘As the time passed, the negative impact of depression on youth got worse. This was surprising to Madigan, as she thought ” children would be resilient and can adapt to the challenges of the pandemic” 

According to the analysis, these issues could be due to the prolonged period of social isolation, financial problems, and extended school disruptions. Further, she stated that studies should be conducted on children for a longer period of time to monitor the ongoing effects.

How To Support Tweens’ And Teens’ Developing Brains

The analysis of a study, published on Monday in JAMA Pediatrics,  stated a total of more than 80,000  children across the globe with the age of 4 to 17 with a mean age of 13 are dealing with depression and anxiety. This analysis was based on 29 reviews that used empirical clinical data on depression and anxiety and were conducted in various countries of East Asia, such as Europe, North America, the Middle East, Central, and South America.

‘Extraordinary Disruption And Stress’

Youth mental health had already been warned prior to the pandemic. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2019 one out of three high school students are experiencing sadness or hopelessness. Which is almost 40% more than the statistics in 2009, The pandemic created such an environment that is giving rise to these negative feelings. 

As the schools are closed and we are adapting new forms of learning, children are experiencing the loss of peer interactions, due to persistent social isolation, and less interaction with supportive adults like teachers and coaches. These changes have contributed to increased symptoms of depression, such as feelings of sadness, loss of interest in activities, and disruption to appetite and sleep, according to the study.

According to the study, the reasons for increased symptoms of generalized anxiety in youth are uncontrollable worry and hyperarousal, uncertainty and disruptions of daily routines due to pandemics, and worry for the health of family and friends likely contributed to children’s heightened anxiety.

How To Move Forward With The Current Situation?

Madigan said ‘The Researchers should monitor the mental health of the youth in this situation as the pandemic continues. They should examine the various methods to address these problems. 

Glover, a child clinical psychologist, and director of psychology training at Children’s Hospital Colorado said the schools should be reopened as soon as possible. Parents should take care of their kids and monitor their sleeping and eating habits as well as their mood.

McArthur said although the situation is extremely serious, we still have time to change it and allow kids to free themselves from the stress.

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