New Drug For Asthma Treatment -Tezepelumab

New Drug For Asthma Treatment -Tezepelumab

Recently a clinical trial was done which results, a new injectable drug for treating very complex or in simple words asthma with very severe conditions. It’s also said that it is way more adaptable than the old one.Many types of asthma also differ by many different symptoms and conditions, and the key point is there are different triggers, and to fight against it – biologics a monoclonal antibody has been made.

New Drug For Asthma Treatment -Tezepelumab

Tezepelumab, the new drug is also a type of monoclonal antibody. Dr. Andrew MenzuesGow, director of the lungs division at Royal Brompton hospital in London, England said, though it is a type of monoclonal antibody it attacks the protein which causes inflammation, which is the primary role in asthma of different kinds.

New Drug For Asthma Treatment -Tezepelumab

According to the report published in the New England Journal of Medicine about the phase 3 trial of this drug, after the clinical trial, they found that this drug is very beneficial not only for asthma with the severe condition like there are patients with a combination of symptoms such as shortness of breath, lung infection and many more and also it will help in curing first of asthma for new patients. It’s just waiting for the final stage approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval.

Menzies continues that the treatment of severe asthma is very difficult and challenging, and in the process, multiple inflamed routes cause many complexities. However, the results of the trial concluded that it doesn’t have that much potential to just transform severe asthma patients into regular types in one go, he also added it doesn’t matter if the drug benefited the patient or not, they will experience the regular and seasonal allergies.

Asthma is a very common lung disease all around the world, and about 5% -10% are suffering from severe symptoms, even though they are getting treatment on time and have all the resources but then also they frequently experience asthma attacks. The study says, this drug Tezepelumab stops the thymic stromal lymphopoietin, a type of protein that causes many inflammatory conditions which eventually causes many asthma attacks.

The test was done by the researchers in which they used this drug on 1000 and above people, they decided to randomly give a half-percentage placebo which is an inactive drug, and others with 210 mg of drug injected every month.

The participants opted based on the different causes by which they get asthma for example half of the patients have a high level of eosinophil ( a white blood cell that causes swelling and inflammation not in the air path but also respiratory system.

This study is done on the two asthma cases from the past 12 months and that to be uncontrollable one, said by Dr. James Li, an allergist-immunologist with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. After a year of treatment with this Tezepelumab drug, the conditions of the patient become better, the attacks decrease, the functioning of the lung is also improving and with that their asthma rate also decreases.

Eventually the researchers get good signs of a healthy health condition unlike with the patients who were treated by placebo.The health of the patients improves not just the asthma problem; the report from the study shows asthma attacks reduced by 41% of patients who have low eosinophil rate while those who have high, their attacks were reduced by 70%. Experts advised that it is a very safe and effective drug. 

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