New Incentive To Make People Vaccinate Themselves Starts In Washington

New Incentive To Make People Vaccinate Themselves Starts In Washington

As the vaccination rates for Covid-19 in the US dwindle, many states are coming up with incentives to encourage people to vaccinate. 

New Incentive To Make People Vaccinate Themselves Starts In Washington

One such new incentive is the “Joint for Jabs”

New Incentive To Make People Vaccinate Themselves Starts In Washington

Washington, which has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the US, with 48.7% of people being fully vaccinated, had to bring about incentives to encourage people to fully vaccinate.

This comes in after the plan to vaccinate at least 70% of the Americans before the 4th of July was announced by President Joe Biden. It feels like the goal is a little far-fetched when the data is seen and many states have planned to increase their vaccination rates by all and any means necessary. 

Joints for Jabs is one such initiative taken up by the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (LCB). It was announced on Monday that the LCB permitted the state-licensed cannabis retailers to provide vaccinated people (either first dose or second)  with pre-rolled  Marijuana joints on the condition that they are 21 years and above. However, it does not apply to people who are already vaccinated. 

The board said that they were approached by multiple cannabis retailer licensees to allow them to help the community and encourage the vaccination drive among people. The approved drive, also called “poke and toke” by some, is said to end by July 12. 

The cannabis retailer that approached the board were The Herbery (Vancouver), Uncle Ike’s (Seattle), and Apex (Spokane). But as of yet, the board has no idea who will be joining this initiative.

 This uncertainty of participants is because only those who had jabbed in the onsite clinic would be provided with the free joint on the same day in the same clinic. But not all retailers have the facility to host an onsite vaccination drive on their premises. The success of the free beer initiative was because only proof of vaccination was required to get the freebie. Also, this rule applies to only joints and not other edibles. 

This was not the only promotion that Washington has offered. The LCB had also allowed for a free beer or wine to the residents with proof of vaccination, which also offered support to small businesses impacted by the lockdown. This was also used to target the 21years and above age group. 

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state announced that he wishes to reopen the state on June 30 or earlier if at least 70% of people have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, as announced by President Biden.  The incentives declared openly by the state hopes to make this come true, as seen by the increasing vaccination rates. This increase is attributed to the various lottery draws and other initiatives

The offer of free beers was not only Washington’s idea but has been followed in New Jersey as well. And there are many more states with their own incentives to attract their residents to vaccinate. Some of them include Ohio’s lottery scheme to award $1 million to vaccinated adults and full-ride scholarships to teenagers, New York’s raffles system for a full-ride scholarship for college graduates, and Arizona’s “snaxx for vax” initiative, which also gave out free joints. 

The White House is encouraging states to come up with innovative ideas to boost up the vaccination rates as it resonates with the President’s goal. The federal government is also allowing the states to use their relief funds to fund these incentives.

If these incentives encourage more people to vaccinate then it would become that much easier to ease more restrictions and pull the nation towards post-pandemic normalcy which the people crave. 

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