New Tech Invented Which Prevents Heart Disease In Potential Patients

New Tech Invented Which Prevents Heart Disease In Potential Patients

Yet another revolutionizing invention has been made in the medical field as a new technology involving cuffs similar to the ones used to measure blood pressure has been invented, which identifies potential heart strokes in patients and helps prevent them.

New Tech Invented Which Prevents Heart Disease In Potential Patients

Nowadays, Blood pressure monitors are found in every house used for monitoring the health of a heart patient. But the problem with these devices is that they don’t observe the condition of the endothelium. The function of the endothelium is a strong analyst of various heart diseases such as stroke.

New Tech Invented Which Prevents Heart Disease In Potential Patients

New research has also proved that it can be useful in identifying COVID-19 in the current scenario. Endothelium forms the inner cell lining of all blood vessels and lymphatics in the body. The endothelium plays a vital role in maintaining the equilibrium between the pro and anticoagulation systems of the vasculature.

It consists of all blood-and-lymph carrying vessels, along with the chambers of the heart and the glomeruli. It helps in processes such as monitoring and directing the release of electrolytes and water into the blood, controlling blood pressure by relaxing or contracting in response to hormonal and neural indicators, and also prevents blood from clotting inside the vessels.

The cells also contain and release anti-clotting factors based on necessity. The existing flaws with the latest method to monitor endothelial health, flow-mediated dilation (FMD), involves the use of sophisticated ultrasound scanners, which are very expensive.

They are not practical solutions for everyday monitoring, and they also tend to show precision issues when it comes to the measurement of microvascular tone as the results are corrupted by “sympathetic nervous activation” sometimes.

With the latest advancement in technology, it has become easier for people to retain major health issues, one such as mentioned is heart disease. This helps people to increase their life expectancy rate than a normal one. As it can be observed in the current days, keeping track of your body vitals is helping people save their life more often than expected.

The technology cuffs were invented by a company known as “Berkley Labs,” which are similar to those blood pressure monitoring devices, unlike which these devices observe both endothelial function and endothelium-independent vasodilation.

Human subject studies have proved that this method is more sensitive to arterial relaxation compared to brachial artery imaging. This invention also eliminates the costs one by fifth and also doesn’t need anyone to operate the machine, unlike the previous devices, which required technicians with expertise.

This method also allows for routine tests due to its cost efficiency and is a boon for heart patients. The great minds behind this invention are bio scientist’s Jonathan Maltz and Thomas Budinger, who also created a method to standardize the cuff-based measurements with those of ultrasound-based flow-mediated dilation.

It helps doctors to observe the effects of interferences such as exercise, smoking, diet change, and cholesterol-lowering therapy, on the health of the patient. This is for sure a big step in the medical industry.

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