New Web Tool Launched By CDC For Better Vaccine Access

New Web Tool Launched By CDC For Better Vaccine Access

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has partnered with Boston Children’s Hospital (BCH) and Castlight Health to launch a new website that enables U.S citizens to access their nearest vaccine providers. 

New Web Tool Launched By CDC For Better Vaccine Access

The application is said to be built on the page of VaccineFinder which is said to capture vaccine providers from different parts of the country. 

New Web Tool Launched By CDC For Better Vaccine Access

But the states which are already acquiring vaccines directly from the federal government are unable to use this feature. 

Whereas those states which do not have vaccine supply from the central government such as Alaska, Iowa, Tennessee, and Indiana have complete access to this tool. It would show them all the available vaccine providers in the area be it hospitals, clinics, and other vaccine sites. 

Residents of these states can use their zip codes to find interactive maps that will show all the active vaccination areas as well as extra vaccine stock areas. 

Founder of VaccineFinder and Chief Information Officer at BCH, Dr. John Brownstein stated that the aim behind the project was to assist people in locating potential vaccine centers, find appointments and also provide them with information on the Daily Inventory Status to help them know the details of each vaccine center. 

Various other states and counties are also reported to have been following similar practices to raise awareness and help people with administering vaccine shots. 

Community-run websites like VaccinateCA, COVIDWA, and FindAShot are known to be volunteers of this cause. 

But unlike other websites, VaccineFinder does not require any external or manual input to collect the data. It automatically gathers the stock information from the inventory which is updated by the health workers every 24 hours. 

But with the formation of new eligibility criteria and registration processes, despite these websites and vaccine availability trackers, it can still be difficult to attain faster vaccination. 

Executive Director of the Association of Immunization Managers (AIM), Claire Hannan states that although health workers must update VaccineFinder’s inventory, it is unlikely that they might do it consistently. 

She emphasized the importance of the website by saying that it needs to be fully reliable and useful. 

Hannan also pointed out the site had its limitations due to the eligibility criteria. She explained its necessity to be connected to a centralized system that would enable the management of vaccine demand and supply. 

Senior Vice President and Director of Global Health and HIV Policy at KFF (Kaiser Family Foundation) Jen Kates also questioned the project’s practice and efficiency despite having massive potential. 

Brownstein said that a 15-member team at BCH along with 25 staff members at healthcare navigation company Castlight are working together to launch more websites for vaccine administrations by keeping in mind the low vaccine supply and eligibility restrictions in hopes of being useful. 

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