One-Third Population Is Already Vaccinated

One-Third Population Is Already Vaccinated

This is one of the most relieving news of all time. It has been more than a year that the world is struggling with the coronavirus. Every time the situation seems to get better, another wave of the virus attacks us. This invisible evil is taking over our lives in every possible way and things seemed to be out of control until vaccinations arrived.

One-Third Population Is Already Vaccinated

The vaccines were the ray of hope in the times of crisis. The vaccines give you protection against the virus and they are very important in these times of crisis. Many countries which are coping with the coronavirus pandemic seek vaccines in large numbers to protect their population. The vaccines are being produced on a large scale and are also being administered to the people.

One-Third Population Is Already Vaccinated

Every day we are achieving milestones in the vaccination drive that is being conducted across the United States. People are getting vaccinated in record numbers as the only escape to this pandemic situation is getting administered with the vaccine. A good news is that more than one-third of the American adult population has been administered both doses of the vaccine. 

The new updates come as the President of the United States, Mr. Joe Biden has vowed to vaccinate the 70% of the total American Adult Population by the end of July. This is a huge statement coming from the President himself. Biden said that “The problem is with the so-called doubters who still do not believe in the efficiency of the vaccine and also there are some people who are not willing to participate in the vaccination drive.”

There has been a sharp decline in the demand for the vaccine across the country. This raises a lot of concerns, there are a lot of states where the stocks for the vaccines have not been exhausted yet. President Biden in his latest statement said that, “He will be looking into the matter and ensure that vaccines are administered on a walk-in basis and that the other pharmaceutical companies that are not under the control of the federal government also help in the promotion of the vaccination drive.”

The Biden administration is also focusing on the smooth flow of vaccines from the states that have a weaker demand to the states that have more interest in the inoculation of the vaccine. The long-term goal is to administer the vaccine to the 181 million American Adults and to vaccinate more than 160 million Adults with both doses of the vaccine. The vaccine manufacturers Moderna and Pfizer have enough raw materials to manufacture the required amount of doses. 

All these concerns were acknowledged by the President when he was addressing the daily briefing from the White House. He said very clearly that “everybody should get vaccinated even if the chance for getting ill is low, people should not take any kind of risk.” He also added, “The vaccines are important to save the lives of people and also of someone you dearly love.”

More than 56% of Americans have already received at least one dose of the coronavirus vaccine. If the goal is to vaccinate 70% of the entire Adult population by July, it can be achieved if the work goes on at the same pace. Biden also said that, “I would like that 100% of the Americans get vaccinated but if we think more realistically, the situation for normalcy can be expected by July because almost 70% of the Americans would be vaccinated by then.”

Constant affirmations have been made for the credibility of the vaccines by the Biden administration and the President himself.

If you have not got vaccinated yet, take the shot.

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