Poor Sleep Quality May Lead To Sexual Dysfunctions

Poor Sleep Quality May Lead To Sexual Dysfunctions

A new study suggests that good sleep is one of the best methods for sexual satisfaction for aged women. The researchers found that women who did not get a scheduled amount of sleep were twice vulnerable to having sexual problems, like the lack of arousal and desire.

Poor Sleep Quality May Lead To Sexual Dysfunctions

According to Dr. Juliana King, a professor at medicinal research and chairperson at women’s health internal medicine at the clinic of Arizona located at Scottsdale, sexual dysfunction is defined as possessing sexual problems associated with stress. T

Poor Sleep Quality May Lead To Sexual Dysfunctions

his connection was seen between an irregular sleeping schedule and the increased chances of having sexual problems, including desire, arousal, stimulation, orgasm, pain, and satisfaction. The researchers were not able to state how a poor sleep schedule leads to different sexual problems.

In our day to day life, we often see that poor sleep have a negative influence on the mental as well as physical health, which can lead to daytime symptoms of fatigue and lack of concentration while doing your day to day works and can ultimately lead to an adverse effect on sexual functioning.

Alternatively, researchers also suggest that distress associated with sexual dysfunction can lead to a lack of sleep resulting in an inadequate sleeping schedule. A study was conducted of more than 34 thousand women having an average age of 53 years.

With the research tools used by the researchers, they were able to claim that out of 75% of women having a poor sleeping schedule, 54 percent of women were reported to have sexual dysfunction. The women were also asked to rate their level of distress due to the sex life.

Women who were reported to have poor sleep quality were likely to face sexual dysfunction. The result remained almost the same when the researchers adjusted some factors like the menopausal status. Women in the reports who slept less than 5 hours at night had an increased chance of sexual dysfunctions, but this factor was not convincing enough.

Kling suggested that improving your sleeping schedule can help you to improve your sex life. Kling added that your doctor could advise correct sleep hygiene after the evaluation. This may include avoiding caffeine intake after midday, keeping a strict sleeping schedule, and avoiding using a phone or computer before going to bed.

Jennifer Martine, a renowned professor of medicine at the David Geffen School at UCLA and a member of the American Academy of sleep medicine, said that the knowledge and research of sexual health of women due to lack of sleep are very little and more research is required in this direction.

She added that the first and foremost step is to consult a doctor to eradicate the underlying treatable causes. She advised seeing a sleep specialist if an inadequate sleeping schedule affects you during the daytime and lasts for three or more months. Sleep disorders are treatable like Cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps to change the thoughts and other behaviors that keep you awake, mainly used to treat insomnia.

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