Race Is Not The Reason For Breast Cancer

Race Is Not The Reason For Breast Cancer

According to new research developed by the study, breast cancer is having a stigma with genetic mutations which are reported with sane results between white women and black women. Contradicts had proved the research that 5 percent of women are having similar genetic mutations with an increase of breast cancer.

Race Is Not The Reason For Breast Cancer

Dr. Susan Domchek, an executive director at the Basser center of BRCA (breast cancer gene) at the Pennsylvania University stated that the recent findings had challenged the study which found in the black women and white women who are facing a higher genetic risk.

Race Is Not The Reason For Breast Cancer

This study also suggested the race between women with a factor independently is considered as genetic testing. Researchers stated that the BRCA gene test is based on the blood test to determine the mutations in DNA which increases breast cancer. BRCA1 and BRCA2 significantly increase the risk of genetic mutations and breast cancer.

Susan said that changes should not be made to testing guidelines based on race variations. In a news release, she said that our efforts should be equal to ensure equal quality in accessing. We’ve to uptake the risks for testing the disparities to minimize the outcomes in caring.

In comparison with white women black women are diagnosed and treated with breast cancer at their previous age of 50. Estrogen receptors show negative ER values and in cases the triple-negative breast cancer.

The guidance team noticed that this was unknown due to the differences of the racial denomination which are connected to cancer-related genetic mutations. This study makes the things unclear about the racial difference that helps in the guidance of genetic testing.

There nearly 4,000 black women and 25,000 white women who had a statistical difference significantly in breast cancer. Breast cancer occurred with genetic mutations. 5.65 percent of black women were found and 5.1 percent of white women are found with breast cancer.

Susan and her team find out the relation between white women and black women with younger age. The ER-negative is founded in breast cancer with some risk factors associated with the genes and breast cancer. The genes are included with different BRCA types like BRCA1, PALB2, and BRCA2. 

Researchers find the important elements in black women that they are much less interested to undergo genetic testing and counseling. There is a vast difference in the recommendations given by a physician and have great access for caring. These findings are from the oncology department which is published in a journal on June 11.

The center of Basser has launched a great initiative to take a step forward in black women which is named “black and BRCA” in the year 2020. This had brought many resources to support the black race community for counseling sessions in genetic testing. Domchek said that at the same time black men and black women are diagnosed with cancer treatment from many past stages when the situations are less treatable. The initiative step “black and BRCA” is looking for empowered people to acknowledge the family’s health position and their history to take any action for prevention of cancer to all the generations.  

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