Systematic Racism Contributes To Psychological Problems Among Racial Minorities

Systematic Racism Contributes To Psychological Problems Among Racial Minorities

What if you were to discover that the racial oppression faced by the minorities was responsible for the health complications that they face in their daily lives? New research has revealed that the structural racism experienced by the minority communities personally and socially makes them prone to the risk of psychosis.

Systematic Racism Contributes To Psychological Problems Among Racial Minorities

The outcomes include many psychological illnesses, along with schizophrenia. Racism which is also known as racialism is the belief that humans are segregated into distinct and special biological entities termed “races”. It also says that there is a link between inherited traits of physicality and personality, intellect, morality, and other behavioral structures.

Systematic Racism Contributes To Psychological Problems Among Racial Minorities

The crucial point is that some races are naturally superior to others. This term is also practical for political, economic, or legal institutions and systems that encourage or enable discrimination on the foundation of race and also those who aid racial inequalities in wealth and income, schooling, health care, civil rights etc.

In the past, those who openly followed racism maintained that people of backward races should be limited to cheap jobs and that members of the majority race should have special access to political power, resources, white-collar jobs, and unobstructed civil rights.

The discriminative experience of racism for members of low-status races includes actions of physical violence, insults, and daily acts and verbal expressions of contempt and disrespect, all of which have serious effects on self-esteem and social relationships.

A minority group refers to a collection of people whose race, religion, ethnicity and characteristics are scarcer in numbers compared to major groups of those classifications. But in contemporary sociology, a minority group states to a category of people who experience comparative disadvantage compared to members of a dominant social group.

Structural racism is nothing but the laws and rules in a society that support a continued unfair advantage to a set of people and discriminating or harmful treatment of others based on race. The research focused on the likely risk elements and the influence of racism in mainly three areas which consisted of discrimination in localities, tensions experienced at a personal and social level and the problems which arise during pregnancy.

Discriminations in local neighborhoods put the racial minority communities at a demerit which includes unbalanced availability to healthcare, balanced diet, education, employment, safe housing and security.

These result in various psychotic problems, a large amount of stress, and a high probability of falling into psychosis. Trauma is prevalent among patients with schizophrenia and, more than average has experienced hostile experiences in their childhood. Research has connected numerous trauma experiences which are prone to psychosis.

The greater number of people who experience these symptoms belong to marginalized groups compared to white people. Various obstetric complications have been linked with amplified risk for psychotic disorders, which include infections, maternal stress, and a boost in maternal inflammation. Obstetric complications are likely to be found in black women compared to white women in America. Let’s hope this virus of racism can be eradicated from the world.

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