The Rapidly Changing Mask Mandate Of The CDC Triggering Controversies

The Rapidly Changing Mask Mandate Of The CDC Triggering Controversies

In the last week, the States witnessed important steps taken to return to the old normal ways of life.

The Rapidly Changing Mask Mandate Of The CDC Triggering Controversies

The Food and Drug Administration extended the application scope of the Pfizer vaccine to children between 12 to 15 years of age. The authorization that was previously not accessible, came on Monday.

The Rapidly Changing Mask Mandate Of The CDC Triggering Controversies

Another important step was adopted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on Thursday through a new mandate. 

As stated in the regulation, individuals who are fully vaccinated can forego the mask and physical distancing protocols for both indoor and outdoor events.

However certain exceptions remain to the application of the new regulation.

Fuel for change.

The new guidelines issued by the CDC were followed by large-scale alterations in the policies of the individual states.

Many of the state officials declared the abolition of the masking protocol for their fully immunized local inhabitants.

The change was also joined by businesses at the retail level like Walmart, Starbucks, and Publix.

However, according to experts, the changes are being adopted hurriedly without considering the crucial points of the CDC guidelines.

The key takeaway of the guidelines.

Jessica Malaty Rivera, an infectious disease expert implied that prominence should be given to the prerequisite of the individual being fully immunized rather than encouraging to forego the mask. 

The alterations in the protocols encouraging schools and businesses to return to normalcy, however, the change is being implemented before time, as the complete implication of the guidelines is still unknown, as stated by Rivera.

In certain parts of the states, the adoption of good faith has been initiated that the people will be honest about their vaccinations.

Although fully immunized individuals should be encouraged to return to the old ways some authentication should be there.

According to few experts, the good faith code is not proving to be efficient.  The new guidelines are interpreted as a prompt to quit the mask and physical distancing protocols.

This poses a serious threat for the individuals who are not fully vaccinated or ones with compromised immunity, who cannot get the benefits of the vaccines yet.

How the good faith works

As implied by Dr. Anthony Fauci, an estimated 75-80% of the population has to be vaccinated for the states to reach a stage of optimum immunity.

According to official data, 48% of the population in the States is vaccinated with one dose of the vaccine, and about 36.7% of the population is fully immunized.

According to some experts, since a large proportion of the population is still unvaccinated, the guidelines should have been a gradual implementation. 

As stated by the director of the vaccine education center at the Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia, Dr. Paul Offit, verification should be implemented for individuals without masks, at both indoor and outdoor settings.

Without verification, accepting the mandate of going maskless will be based on an assumption that has high risks associated with it.

Exceptions to the new mandate.

The regulation of wearing masks remain constant for travels in public transportation, including bus, train, and planes.

The transport agencies are keen to follow the protocol of wearing masks, and the same has been asserted by the director of the CDC, Rochelle Walensky.

The CDC further clarifies adhering to the old protocols for schools, as masks are to remain compulsory for the current academic year.

The exception holds for school because the children of school-going age will not be thorough with both the doses of their vaccination.

Children under the age of 12 are still not eligible to be the shots hence schools are directed to strictly follow the guidelines related to masks, however things the immunizations are expected to complete by fall.

That is when the schools are expected to open fully for regular, physical classes.

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