Record High Vaccinations Doesn’t Mean It’s Time For Relaxing

Record High Vaccinations Doesn’t Mean It's Time For Relaxing

Currently all the officials of the health are currently warning the Americans for not relaxing the preventive measure against the fight for Covid-19, irrespective of the high record of the daily number of the vaccine shots that are being administered to citizens of the population.

Record High Vaccinations Doesn’t Mean It’s Time For Relaxing

At another briefing on Friday, the Covid-19 response coordinator of White House, Jeff Zients, has said that around 71% of the total individuals above 65 years and older have received around one vaccination shot and by mid-April around half of the states would be opening the eligibility for all the adults.

Record High Vaccinations Doesn’t Mean It's Time For Relaxing

The administration is required for continuing to build this progress for meeting their new goal of giving around 200 million vaccine doses in the 100 days as said by Zients, while referring to the first hundred days of the administration of Biden. It is thanks to the resources of ‘American Rescue Plan’ that they have all the necessary resources for scaling up this activity, and for fully implementing this strategy and putting the Covid-19 behind them.

But, at the same time, Zients has already cautioned that this fight isn’t over yet.

It is very clear that there needs to be a case for the optimism. But this is not the time for some kind of relaxation. Further, this is also not the time for putting our guard as he has said. Everyone needs to follow all the public health guidelines like wearing a mask, maintaining a social distance and getting a vaccine shot when the turn comes.

All the health experts are very concerned about the trajectory as said by Dr. Rochelle Walensky who is the director of the CDC or Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. She has warned that the Covid-19 cases in the U.S. are rising.

The recent seven day average of the country is about 57,000 covid-19 cases every day, that is a higher by 7% in the last seven days as she had said. The hospitalizations have slightly increased and also the 7 day average of the Covid-19 fatalities also continues to be at around 1,000 deaths every day. 

Everyone remains very concerned about the trajectory. The Americans have seen the Covid-19 cases and also the hospital admissions getting to historic declines, to stagnation, and the increase again. And all the experts know from the previous surges that if they don’t control these increases in the cases there is a chance that the pandemic curve would soar again as said by Walensky.

She further requests all the Americans to consider this moment very cautiously. They are vaccinating around 2.5 million people daily and are protecting from the Covid-19. We all need to turn it around but this would require all of the country working together in unison. She requests everyone to keep wearing a proper fitting mask and ensure public actions for health at the present moment which they know which can reverse the concerning trends.

Walensky has said that they know that people are getting tired and that it will be taking a little longer before the mitigation measures can be relaxed.

She said that her advice is very clear, the administration is vaccinating very quickly and they are asking people for hanging on for a little longer regarding the masks and also the mitigation strategies that will be getting the majority of the people vaccinated as she said. They just want to ensure that they won’t end up with a surge which is avoidable.”

Measures against the coronavirus are being eased with some of the states loosening their capacity restrictions and more and more school districts opening for an in-person learning. 

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