Regeneron’s Antibody Cocktail Shows A Reduction In Symptomatic Covid-19

Regeneron's Antibody Cocktail Shows A Reduction In Symptomatic Covid-19

In a breakthrough announcement, Regeneron said that its new phase 3 trial data shows that the company’s Covid-19 antibody cocktail can prevent symptomatic Covid-19 among people exposed to the virus.

Regeneron’s Antibody Cocktail Shows A Reduction In Symptomatic Covid-19

The company then said that it will now seek emergency use authorization for the drug. Currently, Regeneron’s drugs are available in the states to treat mild to moderate infections of the Coronavirus.

Regeneron's Antibody Cocktail Shows A Reduction In Symptomatic Covid-19

The drug, which is named REGEN-COV, reduced risk of symptomatic infections by 81%, the company said. The drug was tested on 1,505 people who lived in the same household as someone infected with the virus, but who were not themselves infected by it. Each participant received one drug or a placebo, which was administered as a combination of casirivimab with imdevimab through an injection.

After 29 days, 11 people who received one 1,200 mg dose developed symptomatic Covid-19, while 59 people who received a placebo contacted the symptomatic Covid-19. Although the data has not yet been peer reviewed, Regeneron claimed that the drug provided 72% protection against symptomatic cases in the first week, while in the second week, the percentage rose to 93%. 

The Company further elaborated that those who had received the medication and developed symptomatic infection had them resolved within a week, while the symptomatic infections in those who had received a placebo took 3 weeks to completely diminish. 

Dr. Myron Cohen, director of the Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and leader of the monoclonal antibody efforts for the COVID prevention Network said that despite the precautions, almost 10% of unvaccinated individuals who lived with an infected person developed symptomatic infections if not treated with REGEN-COV. 

He added that if authorized, administration of REGEN-COV could prevent outbreaks in “high-risk settings”, where people are yet not vaccinated. 

Regeneron said that adverse events did occur in 20% of patients who received REGEN-COV and 29% of those who received a placebo, although there were no hospitalizations due to Covid-19 during the course of 29 days. However, four deaths among the participants, two who received the drug and two who received the placebo were due to Covid-19 or the drug. 

Regeneron said in a statement that it would request expansion of its Food and Drug Administration emergency use authorization to include Covid-19 prevention as a subcutaneous shot. Presently, the drug has been authorised as an IV as it takes longer to take effect. This could be the reason for the limited treatment of the shots. 

They also said that another trial was conducted, the second Phase 3 trials which included 204 participants recently infected with Coronavirus, being injected by the antibody cocktail. They added that a single shot of their antibody cocktail reduced the risk of symptomatic Covid-19 by 31%. After the third day, the risk was reduced by 76%. The participants again received the medication or placebo, and the trials showed that those who received the antibody cocktail had shortened duration of symptoms and viral levels. 

Eli Lilly and Company had its monoclonal antibody therapy, bamlanivimab which had helped prevent symptomatic Covid-19 in nursing home residents and staff. However, the US government said in March it would not use bamlanivimab for use on its own due to an increase in new Coronavirus variants in the country. However, they ratified its use with etesevimab; another antibody developed by Eli Lilly, and the combination of two worked well against the new Coronavirus variants. 

Regeneron’s cocktail has been effective so far against the Coronavirus variants. 

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