The Restrictions In The United States Are Being Lifted

The Restrictions In The United States Are Being Lifted

The coronavirus that came into the world in 2019 has been spreading like wildfire across the world. The micro virus has been causing so much damage to the world but affecting the immune system and the respiratory organs and causing more deaths than what the world has seen before. The virus spreading is not limited to any country, but all the countries around the world.

The Restrictions In The United States Are Being Lifted

The Restrictions In The United States Are Being Lifted

Among these countries, the United States of America has is at the top of the list where it has more number of affected individuals in the world. Even though it has taken all the safety measures and imposed restrictions and guidelines and started giving vaccinations, the infections are yet to subside. Still, the death rates have reduced when compared to the last summer. 

As of now, the United States of America has given vaccinations to almost 50% of Americans, and president Biden’s administration has the target to reach 70% of the vaccinated population by July 4. As per the latest federal data, two-thirds of adults in New York state have received at least the first dose of the covid-19 vaccinations. As per the governor. Andrew Cuomo’s statement in the meantime, the hospitalization statewide is down to 1143 patients, which is the lowest since October 31.

According to the recent reports of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, on the vaccine front, about 46% of 20 million residents are fully vaccinated and the national average of the vaccinated people is 40%. It also suggests that just in time for vacations, Europe sees a dramatic drop in the coronavirus infected cases, and more states have been easing the lockdown guidelines and restrictions. Vietnam finds new virus variants that are hybrid from India, United Kingdom strains, and as the neighborhood of China observes an upsurge in the virus 

The Oklahoma state agencies will be barred from requiring the masks or coronavirus vaccinations as a condition of being allowed to enter a state building or office under an executive order signed by the governor. Kevin Stitt. He also mentioned that it is time to return to being normal. But this rule does not apply to the patients who are in medical settings and also he refused to issue a statewide mask mandate but later, in November, it became mandatory due to the outbreak of coronavirus and in March, the mandatory instructions were lifted as per the recent reports.

Calfornia residents are celebrating the sunny Memorial day weekend more than upbeat than they have celebrated any other holiday so far after the pandemic has started and this was due to there is a drastic decrease in the virus infection cases and the increase in the vaccination rate. According to the reports, about 90% of the population in California states in the lower two of four tiers that restrict the business operations and it is also said that after June 15, the California state will end the tier system and relax social distancing and masking rules and guidelines.

Many tourist attractions say that they are already swamped and one of the wine business owners said that she had to limit the number of nights that her restaurant to be open as she cannot find enough people to work. In Atlanta, the governor also mentioned that the public schools no longer need to have his permission to require masks for coronavirus protection, even though his executive order fell short of banning such mandates outright. They also received orders from the republican governor mentioning that the time for mandates is over and it is the time to go back to pre-pandemic living.

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