Stern Rest Is Not Suggested On The Concussion Of Sportsperson

Stern Rest Is Not Suggested On The Concussion Of Sportsperson

Researchers say that a bit of harsh advice is given for the sportsperson and athletes who are suffering from a concussion that strict rest should not be taken as it slowdowns the recovery, this was given as a general agreement by the US experts. 

Stern Rest Is Not Suggested On The Concussion Of Sportsperson

A journal published a statement that most adult athletes are getting recovered in two weeks and children/teenagers are recovered within four weeks. A British department of sports medicine had investigated for the recovery results.

Stern Rest Is Not Suggested On The Concussion Of Sportsperson

Doctors say that to know the symptoms for concussion, its severity, and numbers are the indicators to know the partial symptoms for their recovery and to know the number of days for convalescing.

Dr. Margot Putukian passed a statement according to his findings that many of the athletes who are affected with a concussion will recover from the attack and can continue their play irrespective of their category in sports. 

According to a recent news release, concussion is varied in the injuries and is quite unique with its timeframe. Athletes should know their effects and medication treatment which are efficient and effective for them without any future troubles. Athletes should strictly follow their own medication rules for a speedy recovery. 

A senior author statements that, athlete’s health may extend and may complicate the issues for recovery which includes; adolescent age, dropping of consciousness for a longer time, past concussions, ADHD, depression, motion sickness, past conditions on migraine attacks, panic attacks, learning disabilities, and anxiety attacks. 

Doctors consult the athlete patients to have regular aerobic exercise which helps for a speedy recovery. Some athletes who have acute symptoms of concussion may don’t need the prescriptions and consultations which naturally help them for their recovery.

Researchers found a statement that there is no evidence to prove or suggest about the treatment and prevention of concussion on “nutraceuticals”. Nutraceuticals usually, help to build the immune system and neuro system as it includes a good diet that provides many health benefits with medicinal factors that cures the concussion person in no time.

The recovery suggestion statement is developed and proved by a team of six members who are professional associates in medical terms. This suggestion is updated in the year 2011 under the guidelines of concussion management.

Health departments state that persistent symptoms are noticed with a complex interplay in between the effects of mental and physical concussions such as; anxiety, fatigue, and headache. This identifies that the concussion effect doesn’t depend on a single factor.

This agreement on the concussion is developed by various teams and associations like TPCC (team physician consensus conference), American academy of orthopedic surgeons, academy of family physicians, American medical society of sports medicine, and American osteopathic academy of sports medicine. 

According to a survey, there is a rapid increase of concussions between the people of 1 million and 1.8 million mainly who are Americans below the age of 18, and 400,000 athletes are affected at their high school.

There are no statements concluded on the effect of symptoms and there are no diagnosis treatments which includes genetic tests or blood tests. Still, there are unknown results on the effect of concussion.

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