Rates Of A Suicide Attempt On A Rise Among Adolescent Girls During The Pandemic

Rates Of A Suicide Attempt On A Rise Among Adolescent Girls During The Pandemic

The US is witnessing a significant rise in suspected suicide attempt incidences as the pandemic continues to affect people across the states.

According to a new study by the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention, most of the cases are observed among teenage girls.

Rates Of A Suicide Attempt On A Rise Among Adolescent Girls During The Pandemic

The particular study of the CDC was published on Friday. It states that during the month of May, it was noted that emergency room visits for suspected suicide attempts started rising between the age group of 10-17 years, especially among the girls.

Rates Of A Suicide Attempt On A Rise Among Adolescent Girls During The Pandemic

 What the data indicates:

During the period of February 21st to Mach 20th of the present year, the mean weekly number of hospital visits for suspected suicide attempt cases were increased by 50.6%.

Most of the cases were reported in girls between the age of 12-17 years. These cases are more than what was observed during the same time period in the previous year.

While in boys, the occurrence of a hospital visit for attempted suicide cases was only 3.7%.

The rise in the cases was observed, followed by a decline during the spring season of 2020, before which it was on the rising side during the year 2019.

Risk factors are higher among adolescent girls.

The current study of the CDC coincides with previous reports that showed an increase in hospital visits for attempted suicide cases during the initial days of the pandemic. 

It was also observed in the previous studies that the trend was most prevalent among the younger age groups.

The study was based on data collected from emergency rooms of hospitals across 49 states and from the National Syndromic Surveillance Program of the CDC based out of Washington DC.

The research was aimed at closely studying the hospital visits for suicide attempts for people age 12 to 25 years from January 1st 2019, to May 15th 2021.

It was observed that until the declaration of the pandemic, the visits for attempted suicide were less between the particular age group.

However, by May 2020, such cases began rising and remained on the higher side, especially for the girls of the particular age group.

What do the findings imply:

Self-reported suicide attempt cases are consistently on the higher side for adolescent girls compared to boys.

The authors of the study indicate that such statistics among adolescent girls indicate that young females are more under distress compared to men, which has not been identified in the previous studies.

This result further implies that this section of the population is in more need of attention and implementation of preventive steps than any other.

However, the researchers conclude that the data only deals with attempted suicide cases and does not take into account deaths caused by suicide.

 Hence it cannot be concluded that suicide deaths have increased during the particular period. For such findings to arrive, more extensive studies are needed.

How to stop the attempts:

Experts believe that more research and analysis are needed o determine if race and ethnicity have any effect on such data.

With the release of the new findings, the CDC implies that these risks can be averted by promoting more social interaction among people, particularly the younger generation.

Other precautionary measures that can be adopted are educating about coping skills, being aware of the signs that one can attempt suicide, knowing how to respond to such emergencies, and cutting down access to lethal objects like firearms and medicines.

Some of the signs that can indicate that one may attempt suicide include wanting to die or develop a feeling of hopelessness.

With the increased vaccination among adolescents, experts believe that such instances will reduce once life starts going back to normal, workplace schools and colleges reopen, and the social interaction increases among people.

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