Tai Chi Could Trim Your Tummy Equal To Regular Exercise

Tai Chi Could Trim Your Tummy Equal To Regular Exercise

It is a common question that people ask about Tai Chi that its effectiveness can be the same as that of regular Aerobic exercises? Tai Chi is a breathing and slow movement practise that helps people gain stability of body and mind. People have figuratively looked forward to knowing the results behind the regular practice of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Could Trim Your Tummy Equal To Regular Exercise

Tai chi is referred to as an art of supporting body, mind, and spirit. Tai chi was officially originated in ancient china. Tai chi can be learned with ease and displays the health benefits real soon. A lot of individuals continue practising tai chi for a lifetime.

Tai Chi Could Trim Your Tummy Equal To Regular Exercise

Chen, Yang, Wu, and Sun are the major styles of tai chi, apart from these there are various other styles as well with each style comprising of its unique features. However, all the styles share similar essential principles.

Tai chi is a complex art that cannot be explained in a sentence. It is an easy, enjoyable, and aesthetically pleasing practice. Tai chi can either be an integral exercise or meditation for the mind and other body parts. It indulges you in positive thinking and brings tranquillity.

Individuals from the age group 50 and above practising tai chi for approximately 3 months lost belly fat equal to the ones who had been engaged in weight training and cardio. People who are mostly inactive or senior citizens shall go for tai chi instead of indulging in conventional exercise.

However Parco Siu –the study author, from the University of Hong Kong school of public health states that their study does not prove that performing tai chi is better than conventional exercise but tai chi reflects beneficial effects similar to conventional exercise which leads to reducing the circumference of waist for middle-aged and older individuals having central obesity.

In other words, the study author meant that tai chi can be an effective substitute for conventional exercise in reducing central obesity.

Central obesity often happens to individuals having metabolic syndrome. Cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes are often developed in metabolic syndrome.

Another way to describe tai chi is “meditation in motion” which is a body-mind exercise involving breathing and slow movements. Tai chi has gained a lot of popularity in western and Asian countries where approximately around 2 million people are effectively practising tai chi.

Osteoarthritis management, musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory fitness, psychological health, cardiometabolic health, and fall prevention are other benefits gained from Tai chi. Tai chi is easily accessible at fitness and sports club apart from community centers.

The study author Parco Sui also states that “The underlying mechanisms explaining the beneficial effects of tai chi on health are still unclear. More research needs to be done to reveal the mechanisms explaining the health effects of tai chi”  

To conclude, tai chi increases muscular strength and leads to great balancing skills, and does wonders on central obesity of people from age group 50 and above. This kind of practice makes you comfortable with your abilities and fulfils your exercise needs if you are not fond of conventional exercises.

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