Restoration Of Transgender Health Protection By Biden’s Administration

Restoration Of Transgender Health Protection By Biden’s Administration

Transgender inequality has been in society for a very long time. Inequality is nothing but unequal protection to transgender people in the workplace, school, and in general society. One of the main reasons for this inequality is the lack of understanding about transgender people by people. Some of them even face inequality by their own family, school, and even at the workplace. It is believed that from a young age, children are raised in heteronormative settings inside the family and as well in the school. Parents have a difficult time accepting the fact that their kid is transgender.

Restoration Of Transgender Health Protection By Biden’s Administration

In recent studies, it is believed that transgender people are often confused with gay, the society has to understand that gender identity is different from sexual orientation. Transgender people also face discrimination in schools, employment, medical facilities, and general society. It is also reported that transgender people face double the unemployment compared to the two genders, and 90% of people who are employed also face discrimination at their workplace.

Restoration Of Transgender Health Protection By Biden’s Administration

There are so many instances reported that transgender people suffer from discrimination, harassment, and victimization in the health care setting. It is recorded that the majority of transgender people were segregated and were denied enlistment in medical coverage because of their gender identity. 

Previously in the United States of America, former President Donald Trump had denied the transgender medical facility. But on 10 May 2021, President Joe Biden and his administration declared that the federal government would be protecting gay and transgender people against sex discrimination in health care, military services, housing services, and employment opportunities.

The Department of Health and Human Services affirms the federal law forbidding sex discrimination and protecting gay and transgender people from discrimination in health care. Previously, Trump’s administration had defined ‘sex’ as the gender assigned at the time of birth, thereby excluding transgender people from the law’s umbrella.  Fear of discrimination of the people will have negative consequences on the people’s health, and hence the LGBTQ community has to be free from discrimination and have free health care access.

The American Medical Association said that Biden’s administration did the right thing by providing gender equality for gay and transgender people and ending a dismal chapter in which a federal agency sought to remove civil rights protections. 

In a tweet, former President Donald Trump called the decision horrible & politically charged. Undeterred by the ruling, his administration proceeded to try to narrow protections against discrimination in health care. But Biden early on in his term directed the government agencies to apply the Supreme Court’s reasoning to areas under their jurisdiction.

The Ethics and Public policy Center mentioned that this is inflaming the culture wars especially trying to circumvent the process. This is because of conflicting lower court rulings on trump and Obama policies, and it can take months to be in action. The civil court advocates mentioned that Supreme Court’s ruling on transgender protection ruled Biden’s slate clean. The Supreme Court has already laid reasoning that applies to all sex discrimination. It has also provided protection against discrimination in the employment of transgender people and now in housing and education.

LGBTQ community says that explicit protection has to be given to the people seeking gender transition treatment and transgender people who need care for illnesses such as diabetes and heart diseases.

In recent years the understanding of sex has broadened the sense of a person’s understanding in the inner sense of being male, female, neither, or a combination of both. The dispute over rights for transgender rights is a medically recognized condition called ‘gender dysphoria.

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