U.S. Commandar Warns About Nuclear Wars To Go Real


A top military figure from the U.S. Army has given a warning about the possibilities of nuclear wars. According to him, the U.S. might actually face conflicts with China and Russia that can eventually lead to a nuclear war between the nations.

Admiral Charles Richard is the head of the US Strategic Command (STRATCOM). In a bleak analysis, Richard claims that Russia and China are challenging aggressively the International norms. The continued friction between China and the other nations over territory claims is world known. Admiral Richard said that such practices by the two countries is aggravating the conflicts to the heights of the Cold War. 

U.S. Commandar Warns About Nuclear Wars To Go Real

Admiral Richard pointed the huge involvement of Russia and China in cyberattacks as well as threats in space. He also highlighted the fact about the large investments in the advanced nuclear weapons by the two nations. These doesn’t seem a good sign given the ongoing aggressive conflicts over the territories and the attitude of Russia and China towards International norms.

U.S. Commandar Warns About Nuclear Wars To Go Real

The STRATCOM is the arm of the U.S. military. It is responsible to analyze the situations and take actions for nuclear deterrent. 

In a U.S Navy journal, in the February issue of Proceedings, Admiral Richard write down his analysis about the situations. He wrote that the possibilities of a nuclear war are real. The ongoing regional issues with the Russia and China can escalate, within a glimpse of a second, into serious conflicts that could possibly involve the use of nuclear power. The use of nuclear weapons might seem viable at a stage when a conventional loss hints threats to the regime or state. 

As per the analysis published in the journal, Mr. Richard is highlighting the recent activities of the two countries that is an open threat. Be it the intimidation of neighboring nations by Russia and China, the act of hounding the US forces in neutral territories, the engagement in creating and widening newer conflicts including cyberattacks, Russia and China are enticing the whole world for a War.

The report also pointed out the expenditure made by Beijing in the hypersonic and advanced missile systems and long-range bombers that are compatible with nuclear weapons as well. 

He said that the Kremlin’s modernization drive is equipped with all the latest technology in weapons. Intercontinental ballistic missiles, submarine launched ballistic missiles, hypersonic glide vehicles and the newer and advanced bombers, all are a part of the Kremlin program. 

While pointing out the recent developments in the weapon system of the two nations, along with the nuclear weapons, Admiral Richards has also highlighted the aggravated situations around the world due to the aggressive attitude of the two nations. Admiral Richard at the same time pressed on the need of keeping a pace with them and have urged the U.S military to invest into newer and advanced weapon systems. Military advancement and weapon modernization in the U.S. forces is the need of the hour to maintain an edge over Russia and China. 

The diplomatic relations of the U.S with Russia and China have faced many troubles in past years due to many unilateral policies of former Trump administration. However, U. S president Joe Biden has said that to maintain the global stability and peace, he is willing to return to diplomacy. He indicates better diplomatic relations by reverting many policies of the previous US government.

Antony Blinken, the US secretory of state, as announced on Wednesday that a New Start Treaty is extended between the US and Russia. The treaty resulted in limiting their intercontinental nuclear weapons for the next 5 years. 

The Treaty was called flawed by the Trump administration.  

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