Universities Peel Back Coronavirus Restrictions

Universities Peel Back Coronavirus Restrictions

The manner in which Coronavirus has ravaged countries has been dramatic and most horrifying. The emergence of new strains is another factor that seems to get the situation a little out of hand for communities that are still not ready to fight and vanquish the pandemic. The situation in the United States is verily under control, with the number of Corona positive cases have reduced largely.

Universities Peel Back Coronavirus Restrictions

The estimates of cases to be expected and death toll that could be possible have gone down massively owing to the vaccination drive that is in place currently. This has led to US’s Centers of Disease Control to officially announce the removal of mask mandates for vaccinated individuals.

Universities Peel Back Coronavirus Restrictions

With around 70% of the US adult population already enjoying the maskless advantages, it is only natural that the Memorial Day weekend is going to be joyful and pretty much close to normal.    

Owing to the different states and counties pushing down mask mandates, people have started going ahead for vaccination. In this scenario, the universities in Washington DC have started to consider pulling down its mask mandates too. The University of Maryland saw a minimally attended men’s lacrosse game where graduates embraced each other after about one year’s time. There is no doubt that getting back to normalcy is where the depression and loneliness that affected the mental health of people stuck at homes will start receding from society. Americans are yet to come to terms with the fact that a new society will limp back into an activity where things will look normal but will require a lot of restraining and distancing. Memorial Day cheer might help everyone and this is where DC Universities have realized that their students will best benefit from normal education when mask mandates are removed. 

Today, while cities and states are deciding the next move in removing mask mandates both indoors and outdoors, it is only natural that Universities will follow suit. The rules that have been in place so far included a lot of restrictions in indoor capacity and students were required to wear masks and gathering caps to ensure Covid norms are maintained. The gatherings were kept at bare minimums and classes were mostly conducted online. Games were with minimal participants and graduation ceremonies were either online or using massive precautions. The entire scenario is all set to change now that the best in vaccination has reached almost all adults and students of University age. There is no doubt that DC universities are on the right track since there are many students who are facing mental health issues due to these restrictions. The best way to deal with this, therefore, is to start the normalizing of classes while the government begins to announce in person allowance of schools and universities.

While gathering caps may still be in place, masks are definitely going to go out of use. While most states are allowing this in vaccinated individuals in indoor gatherings, masks are still required to be carried. Universities can exercise a similar rule where masks are carried around and used almost as soon as a symptom makes an appearance or is seen in any student. The teachers and professors also find it difficult to handle a masked class, while individual performance and attention is hindered due to gathering caps. Let us hope that soon these elements of distraction will make way for more active and healthy classrooms where all students are safe from the grips of Covid-19 ad do not need to wear masks or caps to keep the disease at bay. 

Universities in other states are expected to follow suit soon as Washington DC is only following in the footsteps of the state’s Covid restrictions. A lot of the other states have put mask mandates in alignment with CDC’s orders, and Universities are expected to follow in similar path.

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