US Takes A Major Step To Return To Normalcy

US Takes A Major Step To Return To Normalcy

While countries like Brazil and India are facing a severe Covid-19 second wave, with loads of people succumbing to this deadly virus every day, the United State of America has been successful in tackling the deadly virus and managed to reduce the death count, but after seeing a lot of casualties in the first wave.

US Takes A Major Step To Return To Normalcy

The US medical system was crippled by the coronavirus, but it has prepared itself in a way such that it is prepared for the second wave and is ready to tackle it better. But as they say, “Prevention is better than cure”, the American authorities have made it their motto to ensure that they don’t have to see a second wave. Around 43% of the country has received their first dose as of now while 28% have been fully vaccinated. The concerned authorities like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have been pushing the vaccines into the market so that more and more people get vaccinated at the earliest as experts believe that around 75-85% of the population needs to be vaccinated to suppress the virus spread and hence eradicate it. They believe that vaccination holds the key to eradicate the virus and hence after vaccinating most of the senior citizens, they have turned their attention towards the US youth.

US Takes A Major Step To Return To Normalcy

All this fight against the Coronavirus, measures to control it, eradicate it, etc are all a part of the process to return to normalcy, and seeing the reduction in the death toll and the success of the vaccination drive in such a short span of time, the authorities have decided to take a step towards resuming normal life, with cities, businesses and entertainment venues announcing plans to begin reopening after a lot of struggle in 2020 against the coronavirus, especially in the winter months.

In the travel industry, Delta has decided to fill the middle seats in its flights while the California Disneyland is opening its gates after a long time with around 25% capacity. In sports, Atlanta Braves and Atlanta United are among the first teams in their leagues to return to 100% capacity for their games, provided the spectators have their face masks on.

As per the reports of the CDC, 35% of the US population has been affected with he coronavirus. The agency estimates that there have been 114.6 million infections, 97.1 million symptomatic illnesses and 5.6 million hospitalisations from February 2020 to March 2021 , but the latest reports suggest a drop in active cases and fatalities. The officials of New York City and New Orleans announced on Thursday that they are going to relax restrictions in an attempt to return to normalcy from July 1. The positivity rate has been decreasing in these cities and the Mayors are hopeful that the decline in cases would continue. New Orleans officials said that they would keep a mask mandate in place for now, but they are going to try to be a beacon of hope for the world claiming that recovery is possible by becoming the safest place in the world, while the New York officials are just looking forward to a 100% opening of gyms, salons, stadiums, theatres, museums, etc, but for them a true New York City opening would include a 24/7 operation of their subway system.

Although the progress has been good so far, still there have been barriers in vaccinating more and more Americans, which include the myths regarding the vaccines that have resulted in the hesitancy of the youth towards taking a dose of the vaccine. People must keep in mind that the fight against Covid isn’t over, the virus should be eradicated, while things look better and everyone is hopeful for a quick return to normalcy, they should realize that the virus needs to be eradicated and that can be achieved by vaccinating themselves and encouraging others to do the same.

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