US Vaccinations Reached Closer To Biden’s 200 Million Goal

US Vaccinations Reached Closer To Biden’s 200 Million Goal

US new President Joe Biden announced on 25 March 2021 that 200 million shots of vaccine will be satisfactorily completed within 100 days of his inaugural. The US is very near to its ultimate goal, having more than 195 million shots completed. Graciously according to the reports 3 million, vaccine shots are given per day to maintain the pace towards Biden’s goal, and a milestone of 100 million shots was reached after 58 days only.
From upcoming Monday only 11 days are remaining in the 100 days. It is reasonably expected that vaccination shots will reach near the 230 million marks within 100 days.

US Vaccinations Reached Closer To Biden’s 200 Million Goal

US Vaccinations Reached Closer To Biden’s 200 Million Goal

Covid cases reported in the USA

Based on a seven-day average report issued by Johns Hopkins University, 67100 cases are reported daily which is far away from the winter peak cases which was 250,000 cases per day. It is stated that conditions are far better than their winter peak with an effective vaccination process imposed, they are not solely dependent on giving vaccinations at particular centers instead they have started mobile services. Covid student ambassadors joined the government to take Pfizer vaccine shot to encourage Michigan residents.

Covid death cases in the USA

According to the reports based on seven-day average 714 deaths are being recorded per day and the death toll has surpassed the 567,600 marks.

Vaccine shots administered

2.2 million vaccinations were done on Monday only, and now 3.1 million shots are administered every day. Center of Disease Control and Prevention disclosed the data according to which single shots inoculation is 7.9 million.

40% of Americans got one dose of vaccine whereas 24.8 % are fully vaccinated. Half of the people are 18 years and older, 80% are 65 years and older partially vaccinated.

The USA is vaccinating its citizens faster than any member of the European Union, 15.9 people are vaccinated out of every 100 people. 

Pause on Johnson & Johnson Vaccine 

Johnson & Johnson vaccine is still not being used in the USA but according to experts, it is said that the supply of Johnson & Johnson vaccine will help to vaccinate rural communities more easily and it also offers protection from the new strain of coronavirus. 

Challenges faced by the US government

41 million white evangelical adults are there in the USA and about 45% of them stated that they will not get themselves vaccinated against covid, in this case, it is necessary to vaccinate the white evangelical community. 

According to doctors, demand for the vaccine is very high in such a scenario shortage of vaccine stock may rise. 

On the other hand, the pandemic rollout has been started in the United States as effective vaccination is done every day, sources display that cases are decreased almost more than half from that of winter peak. There may be an outbreak in some parts of the country, this virus cannot be virtually get eliminated. 

Chile, a country in South America has the highest covid vaccination rates. A study report published by a university state that the first dose of vaccine was only 3% effective whereas both doses were 56.5% effective. 40% of the South American population has received at least the first dose of covid vaccine which is a very extensive step.

Taking effective, extensive, and quick decisions made this possible. The strategy of making student ambassadors, promoting the positive side of the vaccine developed trust for vaccine among residents. Techniques followed by the US President were efficient enough to decrease the rate of infections across the country. It can be said that in upcoming months covid rate will decrease more efficiently.

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